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FIGURE 1. Photographs of Trichodesma fennosarmatica sp. nov. (holotype, No. 1771-1 [CCHH]) habitus in dorso-lateral (1), ventral (2), and left lateral (3) views. Body length is ca. 6.2 mm. Scale bar equals 1 mm.


FIGURE 2. 1-3, Schematic illustrations showing difference in the location of elytral tufts in three Trichodesma species known from Baltic amber: T. groehni Zahradník and Háva, 2017 (1), T. electra Zahradník and Háva, 2017 (2), and T. fennosarmatica sp. nov. (3); and 4, a line drawing of the apical labial palpomere of T. fenosalmatica sp. nov. (holotype, No. 1771-1 [CCHH]) in dorsal view. Scale bar equals 0.2 mm.



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