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author1Andris Bukejs. Institute of Life Sciences and Technologies, Daugavpils University, Vienības Str. 13, Daugavpils, Latvia.

Dr. Andris Bukejs is a researcher at Institute of Life Sciences and Technologies, Daugavpils University. His research focuses on Coleoptera in Eocene Baltic amber. Andris Bukejs is a Member of the Latvian Entomological Society and author of more than 110 publications.


Jiří author2Háva. Department of Forest Protection and Entomology, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, Czech University of Life Sciences, Kamýcká 1176, CZ-165 21, Prague 6 - Suchdol, Czech Republic.

Jiří Háva is working on the systematic, taxonomy, zoogeography and faunistics of the beetle family Dermestidae worldwide and other families of Bostrichiformia and Derodontiformia. His research also includes biodiversity of insects in the Czech Republic. Jiří Háva is a Member of the Czech Entomological Society, a Member of Editorial Board of three scientific journals (“Annales of Entomology”, “Folia Heyrovskyana, Series A” and “Studies and Reports, Taxonomical Series “) and author of more than 500 original scientific publications.


author3Vitalii I. Alekseev (corresponding author). Department of Zootechny, Kaliningrad State Technical University, Sovetsky avenue 1. 236000, Kaliningrad, Russia.

Vitalii Alekseev received his Ph.D. (2004) in Kaliningrad. His research interests cover regional Coleoptera (fauna, ecology) of Recent and coleopteran inclusions in Baltic amber. V. Alekseev is author of 100 original scientific publications and a Member of the Russian Entomological Society .

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