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FIGURE 1. Geographical and geological settings. 1, Geological map of the central-eastern area of Asturias (modified from Merino Tomé et al., 2011). The arrow points to the location of the Ensenada de La Conejera (Villaviciosa, Asturias). 2, General stratigraphic section (not to scale) of the Asturian Lower Jurassic (modified from García-Ramos et al., 2011). The arrow in the section shows the location of the beds with the ichthyosaur bones. Abbreviations: Tr, Triassic; Rh, Rhaetian; Ht, Hettangian; Si, Sinemurian; Li, Pliensbachian; To, Toarcian; Aa, Aalenian; Bj, Bajocian; Ki, Kimmeridgian; Mb, Member; V. Fm., Vega Formation.


FIGURE 2. Leptonectes sp., MUJA 3687. General view showing the disarticulated nature of the studied specimen and the various preserved portions.


FIGURE 3. Leptonectes sp., MUJA 3687. 1, Tooth. 2, Right dentary in lateral view. 3, Detail of the posterior portion of the right jaw. Abbreviations: an, angular; pra?, prearticular; sa, surangular.


FIGURE 4. Leptonectes sp., MUJA 3687. 1-2, Details of the posterior skull elements. Abbreviations: j, jugal; pt, pterygoid; q, quadrate; sc, sclerotic ring plates.


FIGURE 5. Leptonectes sp., MUJA 3687. 1, Atlas-axis complex. 2, Detail of the humerus in dorsal view. 3, Pectoral girdle, humerus and zeugopodium in ventral view. Abbreviations: ar, articular surface for the radius; at, atlas; au, articular surface for the ulna; ax, axis; co, coracoid; cv, cervical vertebra; dp, deltopectoral crest; fai, facet for the reception of the atlantal intercentrum; fax, facet for the axial intercentrum; h, humerus, ra, radius; ul, ulna; ve, vertebra. White arrows on 2 and 3 point anterior facet on the humerus leading edge.


FIGURE 6.1-2, Leptonectidae indet., MUJA 4095, tip of the snout and anterior most portion of the left dentary (1) and mandibular ramus (left?) with teeth in dorsal view (2). 3-6, Ichthyosauria indet., MUJA 1020, mandibular symphysis in ventral view (3); MUJA 4154, fin elements (4); MUJA 4069, articulated vertebrae (5) and MUJA 4227, fragment of a rostrum and tooth (6). Abbreviations: d, dentary; mx, maxillary; pm, premaxillary; sp, splenial; t, tooth.



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