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FIGURE 1. Bozorgnites tumultuosus (Bozorgnia, 1973) modified from plate 12, figures 6-12 in Bozorgnia (1973). 1, paratype. Axial section. Immature specimen, similar to Eoparastaffellina but showing a subcarinate periphery in the inner whorls and chomata. 2, paratype. Typical axial section. 3, holotype. Axial section. Subcarinate periphery at the penultimate whorl, rounded in the other whorls. 4-7, four paratypes relatively similar to Eoparastaffellina, except for the strong chomata. Scale bar equals 0.300 mm.



FIGURE 2. Crassispirellina hughesi (Gaillot and Vachard, 2007) modified from plate 55, figure 3; plate 56, figure 10; plate 59, figure 8; plate 66, figures 17-18; plate 69, figure 4 in Gaillot and Vachard (2007). 1, paratype relatively atypical (see comments in the text). 2, holotype. Axial section (see comments in the text). 3, paratype. Subequatorial section relatively well-preserved in the last whorls. 4-6, three paratypes in subaxial sections (see comments in the text for Figure 2.6). Scale bar equals 0.400 mm.


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