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FIGURE 1. Moths in Baltic amber (specimen SNSB-BSPG 2017 I 113). 1: Overview image in ventral view of male and latero-ventral view of female. 2: Close-up image of 1, head of male. 3: Close-up image of 1, showing abdomina of male and female. 4: Overview image in dorsal view of male (partly covered by other inclusions) and dorso-lateral view of female. 5: Close-up image of 4, parts of wings and thorax of the female. Abbreviations: ab - abdomen, an - antenna, ft - feeding traces, ga - galea, h - head, hl - hind leg, ml - middle leg, w - wing.


FIGURE 2. Drawings of character relevant for systematic affiliation: 1: head of male. 2: fore wing venation of female. 3: genitalia of male with clasping organ (left) and female (right). Abbreviations: an - antenna, cot - clasping organ thorns, ey - compound eye, ga - galea, hs - erect hair-like scales, hw - hindwing, mp - maxillary palps, lp - labial palps, pa - papillae anales.


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