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FIGURE 1. Simplified map of Bosnia and Herzegovina showing the fossiliferous locality Tušanj near Tuzla. The colour white represents pre-Cenozoic strata.


FIGURE 2. Munidopsis salinaria sp. nov., holotype (GBA 1892/005/0001) showing an incomplete isolated dorsal carapace (1) and its schematic reconstruction (2). Scale bar equals 10 mm.


FIGURE 3. Portunus monspeliensis A. Milne Edwards, 1860, a male individual (PS-8) in dorsal (1) and ventral (2) views. Scale bar equals 10 mm.


FIGURE 4. Retropluma minuta sp. nov. 1, PS-3 (holotype), male individual. 2, PS-3 (detailed view on chelipeds. 3, PS-7 (paratype), female individual. 4, PS-7, detailed view on rostrum. 5, PS-4 (paratype), male individual. 6, PS-4, detailed view on antennular bases. Scale bars in 1, 3, and 5 equal 5 mm, scale bars in 2, 4, and 6 equal 1 mm. P3-P5 = pereiopods 3-5.


FIGURE 5. Retropluma minuta sp. nov. (1-4) and Retropluma slovenica Gašparič and Hyžný, 2014 (5, 6). 1, PS-2 (paratype), male individual. 2, PS-6 (paratype), female individual. 3, PS-6, detailed view on male pleon. 4, PS-7, detailed view on female pleon. 5, CNZ-660, male individual. 6, CNZ-275, female individual. Scale bars in 1 and 2 equal 5 mm, scale bars in 3-6 equal 1 mm. P1-P5 = pereiopods 1-5; S2-S6 = pleonal somites 2-6; St5-St7 = thoracic sternites 5-7.


FIGURE 6. Retropluma minuta sp. nov., schematic reconstruction. 1, Carapace in dorsal view (blank area represents not preserved portion). 2, Male pleon (pleonal somite 1 is not preserved). 3, Left cheliped (P1). 4, Right cheliped (P1). 5, Longest pereiopod (P3). 6, Shortest pereiopod (P5), conjectural.


FIGURE 7. Graph showing the ratio between the maximum carapace width and carapace length of fossil Retropluma species. The regression line is based on the ordinary least squares linear model.



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