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TABLE 1. Palaeoenvironmental preferences of congeners from the roughly coeval decapod assemblages from Slovenia.

Taxon Retropluma slovenica Gašparič and Hyžný, 2014 Munidopsis palmuelleri Hyžný et al., 2014 Portunus monspeliensis A. Milne Edwards, 1860
Localities Činžat (NE Slovenia), Tunjice (Central Slovenia) Košaki (NE Slovenia) Šentilj (NE Slovenia), Kozje (E Slovenia), Brežice (E Slovenia)
Age latest Burdigalian (Karpatian) Langhian (early Badenian) Langhian-early Serravallian (Badenian)
Lithology micaceous siltstones, sandy siltstones clayey marls calcareous sandstone
Bathymetry epibathyal epibathyal sublittoral
Preservation fully articulated disarticulated disarticulated
Substrate muddy bottom muddy bottom sandy or seagrass bottom
Ecology benthic infaunal benthic epifaunal benthic/pelagic

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