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FIGURE 1. Microphotographs of Damzenius anitae gen. et sp. nov. [holotype, No. 048 (ACAB)] habitus in ventro-lateral (1), and dorso-lateral (2) views. Scale bars represent 1 mm.




FIGURE 2. Damzenius anitae gen. et sp. nov. [holotype, No. 048 (ACAB)], details of forebody, in lateral view (1), metatarsus with appendiculate claws in lateral view (2). Abbreviations: a10 - antennomere 10, a11 - antennomere 11, gfv - frons and vertex with longitudinal medial groove, ey - compound eye with inner margin slightly emarginated, ge - groove at inner and upper margins of eye. Scale bars represent: 0.5 mm for Figure 2.1, and 0.25 mm for Figure 2.2.


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