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FIGURE 1. 1-5. Photographs of Damzenia groehni gen. et sp. nov. (holotype No. 4946” [GPIH]): habitus in dorsolateral view (1); habitus in ventrolateral view (2); right anterior leg ventrally (3); left middle leg ventrally (4); right posterior leg ventrally (5). Scale bar equals 1.0 mm.




FIGURE 2. 1-2. Images of Damzenia groehni gen. et sp. nov.: reconstruction of habitus dorsally (1); schematic drawing, ventrolateral view (2). Scale bar equals 2.5 mm.




FIGURE 3. 1. Schema of the possible pathways of tarsal number reduction in Coleoptera (stages: 4-5 tarsomeres) and the assumed evolutionary pathway of Zopheridae.




FIGURE 4. 1-2. Computer reconstructions of the Damzenia groehni gen. et sp. nov. habitat in the Baltic amber forest: microhabitat (1); mesohabitat (2).



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