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FIGURE 1. Location map of the fossil locality (star) in Alicante Province (Spain).





FIGURE 2. Study area. 1. General view of l’Arginent outcrop, with the yellowish Lutetian fossiliferous levels in the foreground, and the Puig Campana (1 406 m) in the background (collectors in the center of the image for scale). 2-5. Fossil decapod remains 2. Left pollex of undetermined decapod. 3. Carapace fragment of Lophoranina sp. 4. Right propodus of undetermined decapod. 5. Kromtitis lluisprietoi sp. nov., holotype. Scale bars equal 10 mm.





FIGURE 3. Kromtitis lluisprietoi sp. nov. holotype GCP-CI-4528, from the Eocene of l’Arginent, La Vila Joiosa (Alicante, Spain). 1. Dorsal view. 2. Frontodorsal view. 3. Left lateral view. 4. Frontal view. Abbreviations: alt = anterolateral tooth; bg = branchial groove; c = cardiac region; cg = cervical groove; epg = epigastric region; ht = subhepatic tooth; msb = mesobranchial region; msg = mesogastric region; mtb = metabranchial region; pcg = post-cervical groove; plt = posterolateral tooth; prg = protogastric region; ur = urogastric region. Scale bar equals 10 mm.


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