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FIGURE 1. Geological map of the Moragne area in Charente-Maritime (western France). Modified after Bourgueil et al. (1972).





FIGURE 2. 1-2, Pinnae of Filicales indet. “Fern Type 1” bearing sub opposite falciform pinnules attached by a broad base to the rachis (1) and interpretative sketch (2) (IGR-PAL-2782). All scale bars equal 0.5 mm.





FIGURE 3. Flints from Moragne containing diverse preservations of the Upper Cretaceous conifer leafy axes Geinitzia sp. which display shoots with helically arranged and elongated leaves. 1-2, Replica showing external cast filled by orange ferruginous siltstone, IGR-PAL-2783. 3-4, Permineralized in silica preserving inner microstructures, IGR-PAL-2784. 5-6, Empty external cast, IGR-PAL-2785. Scale bars: 1-5, 1 cm; 6, 0.5 mm.





FIGURE 4. Flint from Moragne containing an Upper Cretaceous conifer leafy axis Glenrosa carentonensis which displays a shoot with helically arranged and short leaves, IGR-PAL-2804. 1-2, Photographs of the broke-open nodule and detail of the leafy axis. 3-9, X-ray synchrotron microtomography virtual histological sections showing preservation of all inner tissues; longitudinal section of the leafy axis (3); sagittal section of a leaf (4); transversal section of a leaf (5); tangential section of a leaf (6); uppermost adaxial surface of a leaf showing a putative stomatal crypt in transversal section (7); uppermost adaxial surface with cuticle, epidermis and hypodermis in transversal section (8); detail of vascular bundle and transfusion tracheids in sagittal section (9). Scale bars: 1, 1 cm; 2, 0.5 mm; 3, 2 mm; 4-6, 0.5 mm; 7-9, 0.2 mm. Abbreviations: Cu., cuticle; Ep., Epidermis; P.pa, palisade parenchyma; P.sp, spongy parenchyma; St.c, putative stomatal crypts; Tr.t, transfusion tracheids; Va., vascular bundle. Voxel size: 3-9, 2.26 μm.





FIGURE 5. 1-2, Upper Cretaceous scale/bract Type 1 from Moragne (IGR-PAL-2795c) showing a broad truncate base, an acuminate apex and an entire margin (1), and interpretative sketch (2). Scale bars equal 0.5 mm.





FIGURE 6. Upper Cretaceous silicified marine bivalves from the flints of Moragne. 1, Fragment of the Cenomanian rudist Sphaerulites foliaceus, IGR-PAL-2805. 2, Lateral view of radiolitid rudist, IGR-PAL-2806. 3, Lateral view of an hippuritid rudist, IGR-PAL-2807. 4, Top view of an hippuritid rudist showing the two alveoles, with quartz geodes, that correspond to the two teeth of the opercular valv, IGR-PAL-2808. 5, Piece of silicified wood with two galleries realized by the xylophagous bivalvia Teredo sp., IGR-PAL-2809. Scale bars equal 1 cm.





FIGURE 7. Upper Cretaceous silicified echinoids and Anthozoans from the flints of Moragne. 1, Colonial coral close to Eosiderastrea sp., IGR-PAL-2810. 2, Solitary coral close to Aulosmilia sp., IGR-PAL-2811. 3, Specimen of the spatangoid echinoid Periaster undulatus attached to a flint nodule by its adoral face, IGR-PAL-2812. 4, Periaster undulatus preserved in an oxidized reddish flint, IGR-PAL-2813. 5-6, Other specimen of P. undulatus from which adapical (5) and adoral (6) faces are preserved, IGR-PAL-2814. Scale bars equal 1 cm.





FIGURE 8. Fragment of flint from Moragne bearing a putative alga, IGR-PAL-2815. Scale bar equals 1 cm.





FIGURE 9. Synthetic sketches of the formation of the condensed alterites. 1, Formation of Cretaceous deposits and stratigraphic location of the fossils from the flints of Moragne in the Upper Cretaceous series of Charente and Charente-Maritime. 2, Alteration of Cretaceous units and production of condensed deposits (alterite containing flint nodules) during the Eocene-Oligocene alteration; location of the Upper Cretaceous fossils in the alterites.





FIGURE 10. 1, Upper Cretaceous fragment of flint from Moragne bearing foliar remains of terrestrial plants, IGR-PAL-2816. 2, Detail of the surface of plant remains showing abundant sponge spicules. Abbreviation: Pl: plant remains. Scale bars: 1, 1 cm; 2, 0.5 cm.



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