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FIGURE 1. Map of Idaho showing position of the Emerald Creek site (star) in Benewah County (red filled).





FIGURE 2. Stratigraphic column of the Latah Formation. 1, Geology at a regional scale from Fairley et al., 2006. 2, Stratigraphy of the Clarkia Beds from the Latah Formation from Calede et al. 2018 based on Smiley, Gray, and Huggins (1975) and Smiley and Rember (1985). Note not all units are visible at the Emerald Creek site.





FIGURE 3. Holotype, UI-P37-2019-1 Juddicarpon benewahensis sp. nov. Smith and Manchester from the Miocene of Idaho. All scale bars equal 1 cm. 1, Secund raceme with a terminal fruit and ten capsules total. All fruit are five-valved ovate-elongated capsules. 2, A fruit with curved pedicel and persistent style. 3, Fruit lacking persistent style.





FIGURE 4. 1-2, µCT scan with lattice shading of Juddicarpon benewahensis scale bars equal 1 cm. 1, Fruit with prominent basal bulge in orange bracket between valves and orange arrow pointing at bracteole scar. 2, Fruit with less prominent basal bulge between valves. 3, CT scan of Juddicarpon benewahensis with depth map shading showing persistent perianth in blue arrows. Scale bar 1 cm. 4, CT scan with lattice shading of the entire raceme of Juddicarpon benewahensis with capsules showing two-three valves. Scale bar equals 1 cm. 5-6, UF0203 Oxydendrum arboreum fruit showing basal bulge between valves. Scale bars equal 0.5 cm. 5, Fruit with persistent style and prominent basal bulge between valves between orange bracket. 6, Fruit with partial persistent style and less prominent basal bulge. 7, O. arboreum FLAS 32600 open fruit with no style and lacking basal bulge. Scale bar equals 0.5 cm. 8, UF0203 O. arboreum showing secund raceme. Scale bar 1 cm.


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