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TABLE 1. Known turtle taxa of the AAS, and their inferred habitat, diet, and first appearance datum (FAD). Inferred habitat and diet data from Gardner et al. (1995), Kasaparek (2001), Joyce et al. (2014), Joyce and Lyson (2015), and Joyce et al. (2016a). Asterisks indicate FAD that is revised by the current study.

Taxon Family Inferred habitat Diet North American FAD
“Trinitichelys” maini sp. nov. Baenidae Freshwater, fluvial or riverine, bottom walker (Gaffney, 1972) Carnivore (Gaffney, 1972) Aptian (Lipka et al., 2006)
Naomichelys sp. Helochelydridae Semi-aquatic, brackish tolerant (Joyce et al., 2014) Generalized opportunistic omnivore (plants, fungi, insects, terrestrial snails, grubs in durophagous material (Joyce et al., 2011; Foth et al., 2016) Aptian (Joyce et al., 2014)
Trionychidae indet. Trionychidae Freshwater fluvial and lacustrine channels (Gardner et al., 1995; Tornabene, 2014) Omnivorous (increased herbivory with age), suction feeder (Ernst and Barbour, 1989) Albian (Ostrum, 1970; Bonde et al., 2008)
cf. Algorachelus sp. Bothremydidae Littoral freshwater, brackish, and marine (Pérez-García et al., 2017) Generalist, molluscivorous, piscivorous (Gaffney et al., 2006; Joyce et al., 2016a) *Latest Cenomanian (Joyce et al., 2016a)



TABLE 2. Lower Cretaceous and Cenomanian turtle distribution in North America. Texas fossil sites are bold. Taxonomic identifications from published reports only and additional reports may be known.

Stage Laramidia Appalachia
Aptian ?Glyptops pervicax (Cloverly) (Ostrum, 1970) ?Glyptops pervicax (Cloverly) (Ostrum, 1970)
Naomichelys speciosa (Cloverly) (Ostrum, 1970) Naomichelys speciosa (Cloverly) (Ostrum, 1970)
  Arundelemys dardeni (Lipka et al., 2006)
Albian Glyptops sp. (Blackleaf, ?Cloverly) (Ostrum, 1970; Ullmann et al., 2012) Glyptops belvedirensis (Kiowa Shale) (Hay, 1908)
?Glyptops pervicax (Cloverly) (Ostrum, 1970) Glyptops sp. (Antlers?) (Langston, 1974; Thurmond and Jones, 1981)
Naomichelys speciosa (Cloverly, Cedar Mtn., Willow Tank) (Ostrum, 1970; Bonde et al., 2008) Naomichelys sp. (Paluxy, Antlers) (Langston, 1974; Thurmond and Jones, 1981)
Baenidae indet. (Willow Tank) (Bonde et al., 2008) Trinitichelys hiatti (Trinity Gr.) (Gaffney, 1972)
Neurankylus wyomingensis (Thermopolis Shale) (Gaffney, 1972) ?Eucryptodira indet. (Glen Rose) (Cadena, 2015)
Trionychidae indet. (?Willow Tank, Cedar Mtn.) (Bhattacharya and Walker, 1991; Brinkman, 2003) Leyvachelys cipadi (Paluxy, Glen Rose) (Cadena, 2015)
Trionyx sp. (Cloverly) (Ostrum, 1970) ?Toxochelyidae indet. (Paluxy) (Langston, 1974)
Chelydridae indet. (Blackleaf) (Ullmann et al., 2012)  
Cf. Adocus sp. (Willow Tank, ?Blackleaf)  
Cenomanian Trionychidae indet. (Dunvegan) (Bhattacharya and Walker, 1991; Brinkman, 2003) Trionychidae indet. (Woodbine)
Algorachelus tibert (Naturita) (Joyce et al., 2016a) Cf. Algorachelus indet. (Woodbine)
Glyptops pervicax (Graneros Shale) (Hay, 1908) “Trinitichelys” maini sp. nov. (Woodbine)
Dermatemydidae indet. (Nanushuk) (Parrish et al., 1987) Naomichelys sp. (Woodbine)
Chelonioidea indet. (Graneros Shale) (Williston, 1894)  

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