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FIGURE 1. Overview of the described specimens. MB.R.5591.1: (1) photograph of main slab and (2) composite line tracing of slab and counter slab. SMNK PAL 6990: (3) photograph and (4) corresponding line tracing. sc, scapulocoracoid; hu, humerus; rd, radius; ul, ulna; crp, carpals (syncarpals); pt, pteroid; pac, preaxial carpal; ses, sesamoid; mc, metacarpal; wph, wing-finger phalanx (digit 4).




FIGURE 2. Closer details of the described specimens. (1) Syncarpals of MB.R.5591.1. (2) Humeral head and scapulocoracoid articulation of SMNK PAL 6990; (3) Metacarpals of SMNK PAL 6990 and (4) close up of the proximal terminations within the boxed area. Syncarpals of SMNK PAL 6990 with the small arrow indicating the most proximal end of the 2 nd metacarpal. sc, scapula; cr, coracoid; gf, glenoid fossa; hsp, hook-shaped protuberance; dpc, deltopectoral crest; hu, humerus; dc, distal condyles; rd, radius; ul, ulna; pt, pteroid; pcrp, proximal syncarpus; dcrp, distal syncarpus; pac, preaxial carpal; ses, sesamoid; mc, metacarpal; wph, wing finger phalanx (digit 4).



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