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FIGURE 1. Location of the Cuvieri Cave, Lagoa Santa region. State of Minas Gerais, Brazil.





FIGURE 2. Detail of the right calcaneus articulatory region CVL2 15315. As1 - External astragalar facet or ectal facet; As2 and As3 - internal astragalar facets or sustainable facets; Na - facet articulate with the navicular; C - Articulation facet with cuboid. Scale bar equals 20 mm.





FIGURE 3. Calcaneus. A-F) Left Calcaneus. A) Dorsal view; B) Astragalar view; C and D) Lateral view; E) Distal view; F) Right Calcaneus. A.1-E.1) Adult lioness (Panthera leo) A.2-F) Smilodon populator. Scale bar equals 20 mm.





FIGURE 4. Right Ectocuneiform. A) Distal view; B) Proximal view; C) Internal view; D) External view; E) Dorsal view; F) Plantar view. A1-F1) Adult lioness (Panthera leo); A2-F2) Smilodon populator. Scale bar equals 20 mm.





FIGURE 5. Identified osteological material. A) Distal part of metatarsal (CVL2 12475); B) Proximal phalanx (CVL2 14207); B-C) Ungual phalanges (CVL2 14532; CVL2 14309) E-H) Intermediate phalanges (CVL2 15187; CVL2 13333; CVL2 13400; CVL2 13300). Scale bar equals 20 mm.



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