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radovicPredrag Radović. National Museum Kraljevo, Trg Svetog Save 2, 36000 Kraljevo, Serbia.

Predrag Radović received his graduate diploma and MSc at the University of Belgrade, and he is pursuing his Ph.D. at the Faculty of Mining and Geology (University of Belgrade). He is currently the curator of geology and biology at the National Museum Kraljevo (Serbia) and researches a variety of topics in paleontology and biological anthropology, including fossil mammals from Paleogene and Neogene of Serbia, and Middle to Late Pleistocene hominins from Balkans.



radonjicMiloš Radonjić. University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Department of Regional Geology, Kamenička 6, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia.

Miloš Radonjić works as a Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Mining and Geology - Department of Regional Geology. His main interests are biostratigraphy of Carpatho-Balkanides and Dinarides, tectonostratigraphic evolution of the Pannonian Basin and regional Geology of the Balkan Peninsula. He is engaged in his Ph.D. studies with a topic in Paleozoic stratigraphy of the Carpatho-Balkanides of Serbia.



billiaEmmanuel M.E. Billia. Independent Researcher, via Dalmazia 1, 33010 Feletto Umberto (Udine), Italy.

Emmanuel M.E. Billia is an independent researcher who graduated from the University of Rome-1 with a thesis on Late Pleistocene Apulian rhinoceroses. Particularly interested in rhinoceros dental anomalies, he devoted himself to the study of the Pleistocene rhinoceroses and the Kazakh tapirs. He spent long periods in both European and Asian Russia to review the available fossil record of Stephanorhinus kirchbergensis (Jäger, 1939).

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