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SUPPLEMENTAL FIGURE 1. Original images and maps of cuts for articulated specimens of Orcadacanthus pusillus sacrificed for serial sectioning; block lines indicate the sides that sections are glued to, and cut-off sections are glued to sides indicated by dotted lines. A-B, NMS G.2019.3.4 from Cromarty, slightly scattered specimen, labels 2-16 correspond to sections NMS G.2019.3.4.2-16. C-D, NMS G.2021.7.265 from Blacken Berry; labels 2-18 correspond to sections NMS G.2021.7.265.2-18. E-F, NMS G.2019.3.8 from Blacken Berry; labels 2-11 correspond to sections NMS G.2019.3.8.2-11. G-H, NMS G.2018.28.15 from Blacken Berry, small Orcadacanthus pusillus specimen above the head of Markacanthus costulatus; labels 3-7 correspond to sections NMS G.2018.28.15.3-7.

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