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TABLE 1. The list of chondrichthyan fishes of the Dnieper-Donets Basin published by Rogovich (1861) in the original order compared to the one presented in this paper. Taxa that were identified by O.S. Rogovich correctly (albeit subsequently synonymised) are highlighted in bold. Question mark indicates the material originally assigned to the given species but now absent in the collection.

Old taxonomic
(Rogovich, 1861)
Valid name
(Pollerspöck and
Straube, 2022)
Revised taxonomic
(this paper)
Edaphodon Bucklandii Edaphodon bucklandi Edaphodon bucklandi
Edaphodon eurygnathus Edaphodon bucklandi Edaphodon bucklandi
Acrodus kioviensis Acrodus kioviensis Heterodontus sp.
Notidanus serratissimus Notorynchus serratissimus Hexanchus agassizi
Notidanus serratissimus Notorynchus serratissimus Notorynchus kempi
Notidanus microdon Hexanchus microdon Hexanchus agassizi
Galeocerdo minor Physogaleus minor Physogaleus secundus
Galeocerdo paradoxus Physogaleus latus ?
Carcharodon megalotis Otodus (Carcharocles) auriculatus Otodus (Carcharocles) sp.
Carcharodon lanceolatus Otodus (Otodus) obliquus Otodus (Carcharocles) sp.
Carcharodon productus Otodus (Megaselachus) megalodon Otodus (Carcharocles) sp.
Otodus macrotus Striatolamia macrota Striatolamia macrota
Otodus macrotus (partim) Striatolamia macrota Brachycarcharias lerichei
Otodus microtus Isurus microtus ?
Lamna elegans Striatolamia macrota ?
Lamna compressa Striatolamia macrota Striatolamia macrota
Lamna cuspidata Carcharias cuspidatus Jaekelotodus trigonalis
Lamna denticulata Carcharias cuspidatus Jaekelotodus trigonalis
Lamna lata Cretalamna appendiculata Macrorhizodus praecursor
Lamna (Odontaspis) Hoppei Hypotodus verticalis Mennerotodus cf. M. parmleyi
Lamna (Odontaspis) hispida Odontaspis hispida Odontaspis winkleri
Oxyrhina biflena Isurolamna biflexa Isurolamna affinis
Oxyrhina Desorii Oxyrhina desori Macrorhizodus praecursor
Oxyrhina falcata Macrorhizodus falcata ?
Oxyrhina leptodon Carcharodon hastalis ?
Oxyrhina brevidens Oxyrhina brevidens Striatolamia macrota
Chomatodus dubius Chomatodus dubius ?
Hybodus helophorus Squatina helophora ?
Myliobates striatus Myliobatis striatus ?
Myliobates Owenii [nomen nudum] Myliobatiformes indet.
Myliobates toliapicus Myliobatis toliapicus Myliobatidae gen. et sp. indet.

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