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FIGURE 1. Brachyuran crabs from the Thanetian (Upper Palaeocene) of Boussens, Martres Tolosane (France). A, Cherpiocarcinus sp., MNHN.F.A89305 dorsal view. B-D, Crab-morphotype 1, MNHN.F.A89306, B: dorsal view; C: frontal view; D: left lateral view. E, F, Crab-morphotype 2, MNHN.F.A89307, E: dorsal view; F: frontal view. G, Crab-morphotype 3, MNHN.F.A89308, dorsal view. H, Crab-morphotype 4 (? Litoricola), MNHN.F.A89309, dorsal view. I, Litoricola macrodactyla (Van Straelen, 1924), MGB 69155, dorsal view. J, Litoricola macrodactyla (Van Straelen, 1924), MNHN.F.A89310, dorsal view. K, Crab-morphotype 5, MNHN.F.A89311, dorsal view. L, M, Crab-morphotype 6, MNHN.F.A89312, L: dorsal view; M: frontal view. N, O, Crab-morphotype 7, MNHN.F.A89313, N: dorsal view; O: frontal view. P, Q, Crab-morphotype 8, MNHN.F.A89314, P: dorsal view; Q: frontal view. R, S, Jakobsenius sp. MNHN.F.A89315, R: dorsal view; S: frontal view. Scale bar equal to 10 mm, except B-D, P, Q, equal to 5 mm.





FIGURE 2. A, General view of Lafarge quarry, Boussens, municipality of Martres Tolosane, Haute Garonne (France), in the background, the south, with the Pyrenees. B, crab-morphotype 5 in situ, from the upper Thanetian (T4) (star). C, close-up of the extraction front of the “gres à Micraster tercensis ” level, before the abandonment and renaturation of the quarry. D, Litoricola macrodactyla (Van Straelen, 1924) in situ. E, G, Rogueus belgodereae sp. nov. in situ. F, crab-morphotype 7 in situ.






FIGURE 3. A-C Rogueus belgodereae n.sp, A: holotype MNHN.F.A88045. B, paratype MNHN.F.A88046, C, paratype MNHN.F.A88047. Scale bar equals 1 cm.






FIGURE 4. Faunal composition of the known Palaeocene brachyurans, and its distribution in reefal and non-reefal environments.







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