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Ashraf M. T. ELEWA
Professor of Micropaleontology & Paleoecology
Head of Geology Department
Faculty of Science Minia University Minia, EGYPT
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I am currently serving as a full professor and head of geology department, at Minia University. I earned B. Sc. (Geology), M. Sc. (Lithostratigraphy and Paleontology), and Ph. D. (Micropaleontology and Biostratigraphy) degrees from the same University. My M. Sc. Thesis is titled: Lithological and paleontological studies on some Miocene rocks of Cairo-Suez road and west of Sinai, Egypt. My Ph. D. Thesis is titled: Biostratigraphical studies of Eocene rocks of the El Sheikh Fadl-Ras Gharib stretch, Eastern Desert, Egypt. My main interests are: 1) Paleoecology, biostratigraphy, paleobiogeography and evolution by means of Ostracoda and foraminifera (Cretaceous to Miocene) with the aid of the Multivariate Data Analyses (correspondence analysis, principal coordinate analysis, principal component analysis, canonical correlation analysis, canonical variate analysis, cluster analysis, discriminant analysis, multiple regression analysis, MANOVA etc.); 2) Traditional and geometric morphometrics with the aid of different techniques like: canonical variate analysis, principal warps and thin plate splines, eigenshape analysis, Fourier analysis and others; 3) Systematics and the evolutionary trends in Ostracoda; 4) Predation by drills on Ostracoda. For my managerial and administrative experiences, as well as published books and honors see my CV.

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