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Enrique Peñalver Mollá. Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (Museo Geominero), C/ Cirilo Amorós, 42, E-46004 Valencia. Spain.

Enrique Peñalver is a Full Researcher at the Spanish Geological and Mining Survey (Geomining Museum area). He is biologist and received a doctorate in paleontology with an emphasis in Miocene insects preserved in paleolakes. His post-doctorate at the American Museum of Natural History focused on paleobiology of insects preserved in Miocene Dominican amber. He is fundamentally interested in fossil insects in compression and amber outcrops, and especially his research combines taphonomy, taxonomy and paleobiology to obtain well-founded results and conclusions. He is a member of the Spanish Cretaceous amber project (current CRE project) and has over 100 publications including ones in Science, Nature Communications, Current Biology, eLife and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and some technical and popularization books.

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