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Zoltán Barkaszi
National Museum of Natural History, NAS of Ukraine

Zoltán Barkaszi is a researcher at the Department of Palaeontology of the National Museum of Natural History NAS of Ukraine. He graduated from the Faculty of Biology of Uzhhorod National University and majored in zoology (2015). He is a PhD candidate and his thesis is devoted to issues of species diversity, distribution, and community ecology of the recent fauna of small mammals of the Ukrainian Carpathians region. His current research interest is focused on species composition, distribution, diversity, and ecology of extinct vertebrate faunas of Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2017, Zoltán Barkaszi has been an associate editor of the journal Theriologia Ukrainica (former Proceedings of the Theriological School) and an editor of the journal Geo&Bio (former Proceedings of the National Museum of Natural History).


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