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Dr. Dariusz Nowakowski graduated from the Department of Paleozoology, University of Wrocław, Poland in 1993 and received his Ph.D. in 2000. He is also a graduate of jet the Postgraduate study, Environmental Protection; Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Wroclaw and Medical Vocational School of Wroclaw. He has been working at the Department of Anthropology, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Poland since 2000. His interests of paleopathology; analysis of pathologic changes of bones in humans from early medieval cemeteries in Poland and paleopathology study of human and mammals bones based on morphological, X-ray and histological analysis. Further areas of research archaeozoology, paleopathology of animals from Holocene and Pleistocene; analysis of subfossil and fossil bones in Quaternary mammals; taxonomy, systematic and phylogenies of Rodentia mammals from Pliocene of Ukraine and Poland, studies of tooth enamel in scanning microscopy. He is also research 3D reconstructions of human heads and forensics of physical anthropology. Hi is a member of the Paleopathology Association, European Anthropology Association and Polish Association of Anthropology.

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