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lukasLukáš Laibl
Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geology
Rozvojová 269, 165 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic

Lukáš Laibl studied palaeontology at Charles University, Prague, where he focused on the development of trilobites from the tiniest babies until adults. After defending his Ph.D. thesis in 2017, Lukáš obtained two years of postdoctoral funding at the University of Lausanne, joining the research team exploring the famous Fezouata Shale – a Lower Ordovician locality with exceptionally preserved fossils. Currently, he is employed in the Czech Academy of Sciences. Lukáš is mainly interested in the morphology, evolution, and development of various Paleozoic arthropods, especially trilobites. He is very passionate about inferring their ancestral larval and juvenile body plans, evolutionary modification of their development, their palaeobiogeography, and their responses to major events during Cambrian and Ordovician periods.

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