292 tocNeoichnology of the desert scorpion Hadrurus arizonensis: burrows to biogenic cross lamination

Daniel I. Hembree, Lee M. Johnson, and Robert W. Tenwalde

Article number: 15.1.10A

Copyright Paleontological Society, March 2012


298 tocError rates and observer bias in dental microwear analysis using light microscopy

Matthew C. Mihlbachler, Brian L. Beatty, Angela Caldera-Siu, Doris Chan, and Richard Lee

Article Number: 15.1.12A

Copyright Society for Vertebrate Paleontology, March 2012


299 tocGiant fossil soft-shelled turtles of North America

Natasha S. Vitek

Article number: 15.1.13A

Copyright Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, March 2012


279 tocVasseuromys rambliensis sp. nov. (Gliridae, Mammalia) from the Ramblian (Lower Miocene) of the Tudela Formation (Ebro basin, Spain)

Francisco J. Ruiz-Sánchez, Xabier Murelaga, Matthijs Freudenthal, Juan C. Larrasoaña, and Miguel Garcés

PE Article Number 15.1.4A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, February 2012


280 tocEquids from Emine-Bair-Khosar Cave (Crimea, Ukraine): co-occurrence of the stenonid Equus hydruntinus and the caballoid E. ferus latipes based on skull and postcranial remains

Eline N. van Asperen, Krzysztof Stefaniak, Iurii Proskurnyak, and Bogdan Ridush

PE Article Number: 15.1.5A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, February 2012


260 introExtending the utility of artiodactyl postcrania for species-level identifications using multivariate morphometric analyses

Edward Byrd Davis and Jonathan Jean-Michel Calède

Article Number: 15.1.1A
Copyright Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, January 2012


278 tocMining morphological evolution in microfossils using volume density diagrams

Michael W. Knappertsbusch and Yannick Mary

Article number: 15.3.7T
Copyright Paleontological Society, September 2012


289 tocSPIERS and VAXML: A software toolkit for tomographic visualisation and a format for virtual specimen interchange

Mark D. Sutton, Russell J. Garwood, David J. Siveter, and Derek J. Siveter

Article number: 15.2.5T

Copyright Palaeontological Association, May 2012


303 tocNon-destructive, safe removal of conductive metal coatings from fossils: a new solution

David Jones, Jennifer Hartley, Gero Frisch, Mark Purnell, and Laurent Darras

Article number: 15.2.4T

Copyright Palaeontological Association, May 2012


284 tocA palaeobiologist's guide to 'virtual' micro-CT preparation

Richard Leslie Abel, Carolina Rettondini Laurini, and Martha Richter

Article number: 15.2.6T

Copyright Palaeontological Association, May 2012


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