Volume 22, Issue 2
May–August 2019

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ISSN: 1094-8074, web version; 1935-3952, print version

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Diptera of the middle Eocene Kishenehn Formation.
I. Documentation of diversity at the family level

Dale E. Greenwalt, Daniel J. Bickel, Peter H. Kerr, Gregory R. Curler, Brian V. Brown, Herman de Jong, Scott J. Fitzgerald, Torsten Dikow, Michal Tkoč, Christian Kehlmaier, and Dalton De Souza Amorim

Article number: 22.2.50
Copyright Paleontological Society, August 2019

Shark-cetacean trophic interactions during the late Pliocene in the Central Eastern Pacific (Panama)

Dirley Cortés, Carlos De Gracia, Jorge D. Carrillo-Briceño, Gabriel Aguirre-Fernández, Carlos Jaramillo, Aldo Benites-Palomino, and Joaquín Enrique Atencio-Araúz

Article number: 22.2.49
Copyright Society for Vertebrate Paleontology, August 2019

Lower Jurassic corals from Morocco with skeletal structures convergent with those of Paleozoic rugosan corals

Raphaël Vasseur, Simon Boivin, Bernard Lathuilière, Iuliana Lazar, Christophe Durlet, Rowan-Clare Martindale, Stéphane Bodin, and Khalid Elhmidi

Article number: 22.2.48
Copyright Paleontological Society, August 2019

Dissorophid diversity at the early Permian cave system near Richards Spur, Oklahoma, USA

Bryan M. Gee, Joseph J. Bevitt, and Robert R. Reisz

Article number: 22.2.46
Copyright Palaeontological Association, July 2019

A reassessment of the osteology of Mourasuchus amazonensis Price, 1964 with comments on the taxonomy of the species

Giovanne M. Cidade, Douglas Riff, Jonas P. de Souza-Filho, and Annie Schmaltz Hsiou

Article number: 22.2.44
Copyright Society for Vertebrate Paleontology, July 2019

1st Palaeontological Virtual Congress Series

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Reaffirming the Palaeontologia Electronica brand: A note on changes to publication priorities

Andrew M. Bush, Julien Louys, Laura A.B. Wilson, and Jennifer Pattison Rumford

Article number: 22.1.1E
Copyright Coquina Press, March 2019

God’s Word or Human Reason? An Inside Perspective on Creationism

Review by Philip J. Senter

Article number: 22.1.2R
March 2019

The Palaeoartist’s Handbook: Recreating prehistoric animals in art

Review by Matthew D. Celeskey

Article number: 22.1.1R
February 2019

In Press Articles
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Yakhtashian (Artinskian–Early Kungurian) cyanobacteria and calcareous algae from the Carnic Alps (Austria/Italy)

Karl Krainer, Daniel Vachard, and Maria Schaffhauser

Article number: 22.2.51
Copyright Paleontological Society, August 2019

Stratigraphic ranking of selected invertebrate fossils: A quantitative approach at different temporal and geographic scales

Ahmed A. Abdelhady, Barbara Seuss, and Hatem F. Hassan

Article number: 22.2.52
Copyright Paleontological Society, September 2019

Astrapotheres from Cañadón Vaca, middle Eocene of central Patagonia. New insights on diversity, anatomy and early evolution of Astrapotheria

Alejandro G. Kramarz, Mariano Bond, and Alfredo A. Carlini

Article number: 22.2.53
Copyright Paleontological Society, August 2019

Taxonomic notes on Recent Foraminifera from the Continental Shelf-Slope Region of Southwestern Bay of Bengal, East Coast of India

Tabita  K. Symphonia and Nathan. D. Senthil

Article number: 22.2.53
Copyright Paleontological Society, August 2019

On the oldest Mongolian moschids (Mammalia, Ruminantia) and the early moschid evolution

Bastien Mennecart, Manuela Aiglstorfer, Ursula B. Göhlich, and Gudrun Daxner-Höck

Article number: 22.3.55
Copyright Paleontological Society, September 2019

Rolling bones: A preliminary study of micromammal abrasion on different initial taphonomic stages

Sara García-Morato, María Dolores Marín-Monfort, and Yolanda Fernández-Jalvo

Article number: 22.3.vpc_2
Copyright Paleontological Society, September 2019

Studying bipedal dinosaur trackways using geometric morphometrics

Mireia Costa-Pérez, José Joaquín Moratalla, and Jesús Marugán-Lobón

Article number: 22.3.pvc_3
Copyright Paleontological Society, September 2019

A fish fauna from the lowermost Bartonian of the Transylvanian Basin, Romania

Nicolae Trif , Vlad Codrea, and Viorel Arghiuș

Article number: 22.3.56
Copyright Paleontological Society, September 2019