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Yakhtashian (Artinskian–Early Kungurian) cyanobacteria and calcareous algae from the Carnic Alps (Austria/Italy)
PE 22.3.54

Karl Krainer, Daniel Vachard, and Maria Schaffhauser

Taxonomic notes on Recent Foraminifera from the Continental Shelf-Slope Region of Southwestern Bay of Bengal, East Coast of India
PE 22.3.55

Tabita K. Symphonia and Nathan. D. Senthil

A fish fauna from the lowermost Bartonian of the Transylvanian Basin, Romania
PE 22.3.56

Nicolae Trif, Vlad Codrea, and Viorel Arghiuș

Exploring the paleobiology of ammonoids (Cretaceous, Antarctica) using non-invasive imaging methods
PE 22.3.57

Daniel A. Morón-Alfonso

New occurrences of Belonostomus (Teleostomorpha: Aspidorhynchidae) from the Late Cretaceous of the North American Gulf Coastal Plain, USA
PE 22.3.58

Nathan E. Van Vranken, Christopher Fielitz, and Jun A. Ebersole

Two new species of the genus Anchonus Schoenherr, 1825 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Molytinae) in Dominican amber
PE 22.3.59

George Poinar, Jr. and Andrei A. Legalov

Early Eocene plant macrofossils from the Booval Basin, Dinmore, near Brisbane, Queensland 
PE 22.3.60

Mike Pole

Oligocene‑Miocene Scleractinians from the Central Indo-Pacific: Malaysian Borneo and the Philippines
PE 22.3.61

Morana Mihaljević

Xiphosurid from the Upper Permian of Tasmania confirms Palaeozoic origin of Austrolimulidae
PE 22.3.62

Russell D.C. Bicknell


2019 Palaeontological Virtual Congress

Studying bipedal dinosaur trackways using geometric morphometrics
PE 22.3.pvc-3

Mireia Costa-Pérez, José Joaquín Moratalla, and Jesús Marugán-Lobón


Commentaries and Reviews

Mesozoic Sea Dragons: Triassic Marine Life from the Ancient Tropical Lagoon of Monte San Giorgio
PE 22.3.3

Review by Andrzej Wolniewicz


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