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Celebrate with Palaeontologia Electronica 

 Create a visual abstract poster for a PE article (choose any paper from 24 years of articles)

Palaeontologia Electronica invites students and post-docs to participate in our Twitter poster competition. A cash prize will be awarded (plus lots of fame and fortune on Twitter). All posters may be posted by PE to celebrate 25 years of palaeontological publications. See rules and examples below.

  • All submissions must be made by midnight December 1, 2021 for publication in January 2022 (can be based on an in-press paper that is scheduled to appear in 2022).
  • announcementSubmit to:
  • Open to all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, as well as post-docs (5 years post-graduation)
  • Instructions for poster competition (download sample powerpoint page)
    a. Text size of 12 pt or bigger
    b. suggested word limit of 150 words or less
    c. Image size: 10.66” x 4”
    d. Submission must be by currently-enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, or post-docs (no more than 5 years post-graduation). You do not need to be author of the paper you choose to promote in a poster.
    e. Legible
    d. Visually attractive
    e. Graphics and poster must meet Creative Commons regulations (citation)
    f. Poster must be based on paper published in PE - using graphics from the paper meets Creative Commons rules, but would not be required
    g. Cash reward
    h. List your name, email, twitter handle, graduation date or proposed date, degree, and school affiliation in submission email
    i. Submission of a poster gives right to publish and right to use in PE promotions to PE






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