Palaeontologia Electronica is published simultaneously on the World Wide Web (ISSN 1094-8074; and in print. The International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN) (4th edition, 1999, Article 9.8) and the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN) (St. Louis Code, 1999, Article 29.1) stipulate that material distributed by electronic signals (such as on the World Wide Web) is, for purposes of formal nomenclature, unpublished. However, the print issue of Palaeontologia Electronica, to be deposited at a minimum of five archive libraries, provides a permanent record that meets the requirements of the ICZN (Article 8.6) for valid and effective publication. The new version of the ICBN (Vienna Code, in press, Article 30A.2) requires that a paper copy be lodged at a number of recognized repositories accessible to the general botanical community, including a name-indexing center appropriate to the taxonomic group. To meet this requirement, print copies of each issue of Palaeontologia Electronica will be deposited at ten archive libraries. Interested parties may obtain additional copies of the print version from Coquina Press. Articles in both media will have the same issue date, although the print version requires static format for images that may be animated online. Despite the identical content, the ICZN and ICBN recommend that formal nomenclatural citations should be made to the print edition because of the inalterability of that medium.  Citations to articles published online and in print are identical.

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