These annotated web sites are indexed, where feasible, by fossil group, by geologic age, by viewpoint, and by the country/town/institution/originator.

Sites are selected for inclusion here on the basis of their delivering scientific content. Additional sites of broader, general interest can be accessed via: PaleoNet and at the sites listed below for newsletters and journals.

These annotated journals and periodicals are indexed by topic, and by the date they are posted or revised here - so that users can know what has been added or updated since their last visit.

Electronic publications are selected for inclusion here on the basis of their containing full-text content, or at least abstracts. The many sites providing contents lists of journals can be accessed via other web pages such as:
Links for Palaeobotanists

Paleontology Links, hosted by the Illinois State Survey, or 
On-line Earth Science Journals, hosted by the National Center for Petroleum Geology and Geophysics

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