Tim Patterson
Emeritus Editor

"They call him Flipper ... under the sea, no ones smarter than he."Dr. Tim Patterson is Professor of Geology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He received both a B.Sc. in Biology (1980) and a B.A. in Geology (1983) from Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S. and a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1986 with Dr. Helen Tappan Loeblich and late Dr. Alfred R. Loeblich. After brief stints at the University of Southern California and University of California at Berkeley he joined Carleton University in 1988.

He is Principal Investigator for two major research initiatives: a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Strategic Project studying the effect of past climate change (on scales varying from seasonal to millennia) on fish  populations that are important to the North American west coast fishing industry; and a Canadian Foundation For Climate and Atmospheric Sciences that is investigating climate cyclicity as recorded in the varved sediments preserved in anoxic fjords along the coast of British Columbia. Other areas of research interest include the use of foraminifera to identify neotectonic and paleoceanographic phenomena on the west coast of Canada, the further development of arcellacea as a new class of paleolimnological indicators, and to determine whether the methods of non-linear dynamics are applicable in the study of evolutionary phenomena.

His personal interests include fast computers, fast vans (he is a family man after all), Liz and the boys, fishing, deer hunting, gardening, home repair, and all things Star Trek—all in all the perfect demographic.

 In the photograph he is up close and personal with a giant stromatolite off Lee Stocking Island in the Bahamas.