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First record of extinct Paraconularia (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa) from Tethyan sequence (Upper Permian) of Spiti valley, Himachal Himalaya, India
PE 20.3.42A

Narendra K. Swami, Satish C. Tripathi, Ramesh Laishram, and Amit Dharwadkar

A new multi-faceted framework for deciphering diplodocid ontogeny
PE 20.3.43A

D. Cary Woodruff, Denver W. Fowler, and John R. Horner

Bessarabian (Tortonian, Late Miocene) fish otoliths from a transitional freshwater-brackish environment of Mykhailivka, Southern Ukraine
PE 20.3.44A

Andriy Bratishko, Oleksandr Kovalchuk, and Werner Schwarzhans

Neoichnology of tarantulas (Araneae: Theraphosidae): Criteria for recognizing spider burrows in the fossil record
PE 20.3.45A

Daniel I. Hembree

Dental enamel ultrastructure in Ochotona and Prolagus (Mammalia: Lagomorpha: Ochotonidae) from three late Miocene localities in Ukraine
PE 20.3.46A

Emilia Rabiniak, Leonid Rekovets, and Dariusz Nowakowski

A new Late Devonian isoetalean lycopsid from New South Wales, Australia: Cymastrobus irvingii gen. et sp. nov.
PE 20.3.47A

Mathilde Evreïnoff, Brigitte Meyer-Berthaud, Anne-Laure Decombeix, Renaud Lebrun, Philippe Steemans, and Paul Tafforeau

Taxonomy and species diversity of Holocene pylonioid radiolarians from surface sediments of the northeastern Indian Ocean
PE 20.3.48A

Lanlan Zhang and Noritoshi Suzuki

Mammalian distal humerus fossils from eastern Montana, USA with implications for the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction and the adaptive radiation of placentals
PE 20.3.49A

Lauren B. DeBey and Gregory P. Wilson

Balaenoptera edeni skull from the Holocene (Quaternary) of Osaka City, Japan
PE 20.3.50A

Yoshihiro Tanaka and Hiroyuki Taruno

Foraminifera biostratigraphy and paleoenvironment of Well 5, OML 34, Niger Delta, Nigeria
PE 20.3.51A

Emmanuel C. Nwaejije, Enam O. Obiosio, and Ibrahim Hamidu

Pteropoda (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Thecosomata) from the Eocene/Oligocene boundary interval of three cored boreholes in southern coastal Tanzania and their response to the global cooling event
PE 20.3.52A

Laura J. Cotton, Arie W. Janssen, Paul N. Pearson, and Rens van Driel

Overcoming sampling issues in dental tribology: Insights from an experimentation on sheep
PE 20.3.53A

Anusha Ramdarshan, Cécile Blondel, Denis Gautier, Jérôme Surault, and Gildas Merceron

Depth related brachiopod faunas from the lower Cambrian Forteau Formation of southern Labrador and western Newfoundland, Canada
PE 20.3.54A

C.B. Skovsted, I. Knight, U. Balthasar, and W.D. Boyce

Deciduous dentition and dental eruption of Hyainailouroidea (Hyaenodonta, “Creodonta,” Placentalia, Mammalia)
PE 20.3.55A

Matthew R. Borths and Nancy J. Stevens

Morphology and histology of acanthodian fin spines from the late Silurian Ramsåsa E locality, Skåne, Sweden
PE 20.3.56A

Anna Jerve, Oskar Bremer, Sophie Sanchez, and Per E. Ahlberg

Pushing the limits of neutron tomography in palaeontology: Three-dimensional modelling of in situ resin within fossil plants
PE 20.3.57A

Chris Mays, Joseph J. Bevitt, and Jeffrey D. Stilwell



Fossil Calibration Articles

Fossil calibrations for the cockroach phylogeny (Insecta, Dictyoptera, Blattodea), comments on the use of wings for their identification, and a redescription of the oldest Blaberidae
PE 20.3.1FC

Dominic A. Evangelista, Marie Djernæs, and Manpreet Kaur Kohli


 Commentaries and Reviews

The environmental and socially engaged palaeontologist - suggestions for action at conferences and beyond
PE 20.3.4E

Marcelo R. Sánchez-Villagra, Gabriel Aguirre-Fernández, Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan, and Catherine Badgley

Paleoart: Visions of the Prehistoric Past
E 20.3.3R

Review by Mark P. Witton