577 tocApplication of shell spiral deviation methodology to fossil brachiopods: Implications for obtaining specimen ontogenetic ages

Joanna V. Clark, Anthony E. Aldridge, Matías Reolid, Kazuyoshi Endo, and Alberto Pérez-Huerta

Article number: 18.3.54A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, December 2015


492 tocVisualizing the fluid flow through the complex skeletonized respiratory structures of a blastoid echinoderm

Tony L. Huynh, Dennis Evangelista, and Charles R. Marshall

Article number: 18.1.14A
Copyright Paleontological Society, March 2015


514 tocExceptional crocodylomorph biodiversity of "La Cantalera" site (lower Barremian; Lower Cretaceous) in Teruel, Spain

Eduardo Puértolas-Pascual, Raquel Rabal-Garcés, and José Ignacio Canudo

Article number: 18.2.28A
Copyright Society for Vertebrate Paleontology, June 2015


462 tocNeogene benthic foraminifera from the southern Bering Sea (IODP Expedition 323)

Eiichi Setoyama and Michael A. Kaminski

Article number: 18.2.38A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, July 2015


465 tocAngiosperm pollen grains from the Cuayuca Formation (Late Eocene to Early Oligocene), Puebla, Mexico

Elia Ramírez-Arriaga, Mercedes B. Prámparo, and Enrique Martínez-Hernández

Article number: 18.1.2A
Copyright Paleontological Society, January 2015


516 tocA novel application of the white light/fringe projection duo: recovering high precision three-dimensional images from fossils for the digital preservation of morphology

Juan C. Gutiérrez-García, Tania A. Gutiérrez-García, J.F. Mosiño, Ella Vázquez-Domínguez, Amalia Martínez, and Joaquín Arroyo-Cabrales

Article number: 18.2.6T
Copyright Palaeontological Association, August 2015


toc jpgFirst comprehensive morphological analysis on the metapodials of Giraffidae

María Ríos, Melinda Danowitz, and Nikos Solounias

Article number: 19.3.50A
Copyright Society for Vertebrate Paleontology, December 2016


648 tocBig-headed marine crocodyliforms and why we must be cautious when using extant species as body length proxies for long-extinct relatives

Mark T. Young, Márton Rabi, Mark A. Bell, Davide Foffa, Lorna Steel, Sven Sachs, and Karin Peyer

Article number: 19.3.30A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, September 2016


621 tocTowards the diversity of non-biting midges of the tribe Tanytarsini from Eocene Baltic amber (Diptera: Chironomidae)

Marta Zakrzewska, Wiesław Krzemiński, and Wojciech Giłka

Article number: 19.2.18A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, June 2016


609 tocAccounting for differences in element size and homogeneity when comparing Finite Element models: Armadillos as a case study

Jordi Marcé-Nogué, Soledad de Esteban-Trivigno, Christian Escrig, and Lluís Gil

Article number: 19.2.2T
Copyright Palaeontological Association, August 2016


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