Into Focus

The Future of Paleontology—The Next 10 Years: (print) 10.1.1E

Jere H. Lipps

A Powerful Electronic Journal in the New Millennium (print) 10.1.2.E

Ashraf M.T. Elewa


Chemoreception, Odor Landscapes, and Foraging in Ancient Marine Landscapes (print) 10.1.1A

Roy E. Plotnick

Stalked Crinoid Locomotion, and its Ecological and Evolutionary Implications (print) 10.1.2A

Tomasz K. Baumiller and Charles G. Messing

Lauraceae Macrofossils and Dispersed Cuticle from the Miocene of Southern New Zealand (print) 10.1.3A

Mike Pole

Microfacies of Stromatolitic Sinter from Acid-Sulphate-Chloride Springs at Parariki Stream, Rotokawa Geothermal Field, New Zealand (print) 10.1.4A

Richard Schinteie, Kathleen A. Campbell, and Patrick R.L. Browne

Forelimb Stance and Step Cycle in Chasmosaurus irvinensis (Dinosauria Neoceratopsia) (print) 10.1.5A

Stefan Thompson and Robert Holmes

New Middle and Upper Jurassic Belemnite Assemblages from West Antarctica (Latady Group, Ellsworth Land): Taxonomy and Paleobiogeography (print) 10.1.6A

A. Brian Challinor and Dan C. H. Hikuroa


Bone Wars (print) 10.1.1R

Reviewed by: Brian Andres


Dawn of the Dinosaurs: Life in the Triassic (print) 10.1.2R

Nicholas Fraser
Reviewed by: Kevin Padian


Erratum from Johns, Marjorie J., Barnes, Christopher R., and Narayan,Y. Roshni 2005. Cenozoic and Cretaceous Ichthyoliths from the Tofino Basin and Western Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.


Image and recording of rapid crawling movement by a specimen of Neocrinus decorus on a ~5 minute video sequence. Please see Figure 3 of Stalked Crinoid Locomotion, and its Ecological and Evolutionary Implications by Tomasz K. Baumiller and Charles G. Messing. Photo by Charles G. Messing.




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Volume 10, Issue 1
APRIL 2007


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