Out of the Mainstream: Heated Discussions and Strong Opinions (print) 11.2.3E

Roy Plotnick

Paleontological Systematics in the 21st Century: We Need More Specialists and More Data (print) 11.2.4E

Carrie E. Schweitzer


Taphonomy of Oil (print) 11.2.5E

Jere H. Lipps


Special Issue:
Three-Dimensional Imaging in Vertebrate Paleontology

Suzanne G. Strait and Alistair R. Evans (print) 11.2.6E


Anatomy of the Very Tiny: First Description of the Head Skeleton of the Rare South American Catfish Sarcoglanis simplex (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae) (print) 11.2.6A

Kerin M. Claeson, James W. Hagadorn, Kyle Luckenbill, and John G. Lundberg

Three-Dimensional Re-Evaluation of the Deformation Removal Technique Based on "Jigsaw Puzzling" (print) 11.2.7A

Alec A. Boyd and Ryosuke Motani

Locomotion in Fossil Carnivora: An Application of Eigensurface Analysis for Morphometric Comparison of 3D Surfaces (print) 11.2.8A

P. David Polly and Norman MacLeod

Natalia Rybczynski, Alex Tirabasso, Paul Bloskie, Robin Cuthbertson, and Casey Holliday

Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Tooth Relationships During Carnivoran Chewing (print) 11.2.10A

Alistair R. Evans and Mikael Fortelius

PaleoView3D: from Specimen to Online Model (print) 11.2.11A

Nicholas E. Smith and Suzanne G. Strait


The Evolution of the Artiodactyls (print) 11.2.1R

Donald R. Prothero and Scott E. Foss (Editors)
Reviewed by Samantha Hopkins

Bonebeds: Genesis, Analysis, and Paleobiological Significance (print) 11.2.2R

Raymond R. Rogers, David A. Eberth, Anthony R. Fiorillo (Editors)
Reviewed by Jean-Pierre Cavigelli

Wee Sing and Learn Dinosaurs (print) 11.2.3R

Pamela Conn Beall, Susan Hagen Nipp (Authors) and Yudthana Pongmee (Illustrator)
Reviewed by Dena Smith and Sofía Nufio


PE Notes

Cover artwork from Three-Dimensional Re-Evaluation of the Deformation Removal Technique Based on "Jigsaw Puzzling" by Alec A. Boyd and Ryosuke Motani.

Within each article are links in the contents column to material that may be of further use to specific readers. There is a plain-language summary and there are multiple versions of the abstract in English, Français, Español, Deutsche, Arabic, and Polski. PDF versions of the articles are available (click on "print" beside the title) or from the contents column within the individual articles.

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Volume 11, Issue 2
July 2008


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