Building the Case for Paleontology (print) 11.3.7E

Martin Farley

Critical Review

Richard A. Reyment



An Araucarian Conifer Bract-Scale Complex from the Lower Jurassic of Massachusetts: Implications for Estimating Phylogenetic/Stratigraphic Congruence in the Araucariacea (print) 11.3.13A

Brian J. Axsmith, Ignacio H. Escapa, and Philip Huber

William G. Parker and Bronson J. Barton

Mike Pole

Enigmatic Trace Fossils from the Aeolian Lower Jurassic Clarens Formation, Southern Africa (print) 11.3.16A

Emese M. Bordy

Is There An Option for a Pneumatic Stablization of Sauropod Necks? An Experimental and Anatomical Approach (print) 11.3.17A

Daniela Schwarz-Wings and Eberhard Frey


Fossil Ecosystems of North America:
A Guide to the Sites and Their Extraordinary Biotas
(print) 11.3.4R

John R. Nudds and Paul A. Selden
Reviewed by David J. Bottjer

Ivy + Bean Break the Fossil Record (print) 11.3.5R

Annie Barrows (Author) and Sophie Blackall (Illustrator)
Reviewed by Peter Roopnarine and Rhiannon Roopnarine

Mass Extinction (print) 11.3.6R

Ashraf M.T. Elewa (editor)
Reviewed by Paul Wignall

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Volume 11, Issue 3
October 2008


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