From the Executive Editors (PDF) 7.2.2E
Whitey Hagadorn and P. David Polly

Googling Turritella, or The Present and Future Value of the Web for Paleontological Research (PDF) 7.2.3E
Warren D. Allmon

Pattern Matching: Classification of Ammonitic Sutures Using GIS (PDF) 7.2.5A
Lori L. Manship

Triassic and Cenozoic Palaeobiogeography: Two Case Studies in Quantitative Modelling Using IDL« (PDF) 7.2.6A
Arnaud Brayard, Marie-Anne HÚran, Lo´c Costeur, and Gilles Escarguel

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4th International Symposium on the Cambrian System

Web Site Annotations
by P. Dave Polly
Paleontological and related web sites.
Paleontology newsletters and related electronic journals.

Teaching Resources
by William Riedel
Sites for teachers and students in primary and secondary schools. Includes web sites describing where fossils can conveniently be seen in situ and, in many instances, collected.

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