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FIGURE 1. Accumulative analysis of the singleton taxa registered. Absolute ages in million years according to Gradstein and Ogg (2004). For temporal abbreviations see Table 1.

Figure 1

FIGURE 2. Comparative analysis of the number of singleton taxa considering the Palaeozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic as independent datasets.

 Figure 2

FIGURE 3. Taxonomic abundance analysis of the Palaeozoic singleton taxa. (1) Analysis performed considering the order level. (2) Analysis performed considering the division level.

 Figure 3

FIGURE 4. Correlation and regression analyses between the duration of the time units in millions of years and (1) the number of originated taxa, (2) extinguished taxa, (3) total taxa and, (4) singleton taxa.


FIGURE 5. Rates of evolution and diversity analyses. (1) Comparative analysis of the evolution rates (origination, extinction and diversification). (2) Mean standing diversity values based on the number of family taxa. For temporal abbreviations see Table 1.

Figure 5