Volume 22, Issue 1
January–April 2019

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ISSN: 1094-8074, web version; 1935-3952, print version

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The use of new web technologies for the analysis, preservation, and outreach of paleontological information and its application to La Rioja (Spain) paleontological heritage

José M. Valle Melón, Álvaro Rodríguez Miranda, Félix Pérez-Lorente, and Angélica Torices

Article number: 22.1.1T
Copyright Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, February  2019

The narial morphology of Metarhinus and Sphenocoelus (Mammalia, Perissodactyla, Brontotheriidae)

Bryn J. Mader

Article number: 22.1.8
Copyright Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, February 2019

Mating moths (Tineidae, Ditrysia, Lepidoptera) preserved as frozen behavior inclusion in Baltic Amber (Eocene)

Thilo C. Fischer and Marie K. Hörnig

Article number: 22.1.7
Copyright Paleontological Society, February  2019

First fossil harvestmen (Arachnida: Opiliones) from Spain and notes on the fossil record of Opiliones

Lorena Palencia, Enrique Peñalver, Carlos E. Prieto, and Francisco José Poyato-Ariza

Article number: 22.1.5
Copyright Paleontological Society, February 2019

Bozorgnites nom. nov. and Crassispirellina nom. nov.: New names for the preoccupied foraminiferal genera Bozorgniella and Crassispirella

Daniel Vachard, François Le Coze, Pedro Cózar, and Jérémie Gaillot

Article number: 22.1.4
Copyright Paleontological Society, January 2019

Late Pleistocene insects from the Dubrovino site at Ob River (West Siberia, Russia) and their paleoenvironmental significance

Anna A. Gurina, Roman Yu. Dudko, Sergey E. Tshernyshev, Eugeny V. Zinovyev, and Andrei A. Legalov

Article number: 22.1.3
Copyright Paleontological Society, January 2019

The Palaeoartist’s Handbook: Recreating prehistoric animals in art

Review by Matthew D. Celeskey

Article number: 22.1.1R
February 2019

Terrestrial Conservation Lagerstätten: Windows in the evolution of Life on Land

Review by Alexander K. Hastings

Article number: 21.1.2R
March 2018

Topics in Paleobiology: Cetacean Paleobiology

Review by Ashley W. Poust

Article number: 21.1.1R
January 2018

In Press Articles
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Middle Miocene decapod crustacean assemblage from the Tuzla Basin (Tušanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina), with a description of two new species and comparison with coeval faunas from Slovenia

Rok Gašparič, Matúš Hyžný, Gordana Jovanović, Stjepan Ćorić, and Sejfudin Vrabac

Article number: 22.1.9
Copyright Paleontological Society, February  2019

Taxonomy and phylogeny of Eosemionotus Stolley, 1920 (Neopterygii: Ginglymodi) from the Middle Triassic of Europe

Adriana López-Arbarello, Toni Bürgin, Heinz Furrer, and Rudolf Stockar

Article number: 22.1.10
Copyright Palaeontological Association, February 2019

Anomia-associated bryozoans from the upper Pliocene (Piacenzian) lower Tamiami Formation of Florida, USA

Emanuela Di Martino, Paul D. Taylor, and Roger W. Portell

Article number: 22.1.11
Copyright Palaeontological Association, March 2019

A Survey of Pliocene to Mid Quaternary Leaf Cuticle from the North Island, New Zealand

Mike Pole

Article number: 22.1.12
Copyright Paleontological Society, March 2019