Volume 21, Issue 2
May–August 2018

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ISSN: 1094-8074, web version; 1935-3952, print version

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First report of Leptonectes (Ichthyosauria: Leptonectidae) from the Lower Jurassic (Pliensbachian) of Asturias, northern Spain

Marta S. Fernández, Laura Piñuela, and José Carlos García-Ramos

Article number: 21.2.29A
Copyright Paleontological Society, August 2018

The air-abrasive technique: A re-evaluation of its use in fossil preparation

Mark R. Graham and Lu Allington-Jones

Article number: 21.2.2T
Copyright Society for Vertebrate Paleontology, August 2018

“Gazella” (Mammalia: Bovidae) from the late Miocene Qingyang area, Gansu, China

Yikun Li, Qinqin Shi, Shaokun Chen, and Tao Deng

Article number: 21.2.24A
Copyright Paleontological Society, July 2018

Dental measurements do not diagnose modern artiodactyl species: Implications for the systematics of Merycoidodontoidea

Meaghan M. Emery-Wetherell and Edward Byrd Davis

Article number: 21.2.23A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, June 2018

Practice and prospects in underwater palaeontology

Julien Louys

Article number: 21.2.22A
Copyright Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, June 2018

Terrestrial Conservation Lagerstätten: Windows in the evolution of Life on Land

Review by Alexander K. Hastings

Article number: 21.1.2R
March 2018

Topics in Paleobiology: Cetacean Paleobiology

Review by Ashley W. Poust

Article number: 21.1.1R
January 2018

Paleontologia Electronica is still number one for new open access fossil species

Andrew M. Bush, Julien Louys, and Jennifer Pattison Rumford

Article number: 20.3.5E
Copyright Coquina Press, December 2017

In Press Articles
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Contribution to the validity and taxonomic status of the European fossil shrew Sorex subaraneus and the origin of Sorex araneus (Soricidae, Eulipotyphla, Insectivora, Mammalia)

Barbara Rzebik-Kowalska and Andrea Pereswiet-Soltan

Article number: 21.2.30A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, August 2018

Early Cretaceous angiosperm leaves from the Dakota Formation, Hoisington III locality, Kansas, USA

Hongshan Wang and David L. Dilcher

Article number: 21.2.31A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, August 2018

Palaeobatrachid frog from the late Miocene of Northern Caucasus, Russia

Elena V. Syromyatnikova

Article number: 21.2.32A
Copyright Paleontological Society, August 2018

Faunal composition and paleoenvironment of the Arundel Clay (Potomac Formation; Early Cretaceous), Maryland, USA

Joseph A. Frederickson, Thomas R. Lipka, and Richard L. Cifelli

Article number: 21.2.33A
Copyright Society for Vertebrate Paleontology, August 2018

Articulated avian remains from the early Oligocene of Poland adds to our understanding of Passerine evolution

Zbigniew M. Bochenski, Teresa Tomek, Krzysztof Wertz, Johannes Happ, Małgorzata Bujoczek, and Ewa Swidnicka

Article number: 21.3.34A
Copyright Paleontological Society, September 2018