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FIGURE 1. The diversity of fossil scorpions. (1) A histogram showing the temporal distribution of currently recognised fossil scorpion species; and (2) a collector curve showing the contribution of Leonard Wills, Alexander Petrunkevitch and Erik Kjellesvig-Waering, to current estimates of fossil scorpion diversity.



FIGURE 2. The temporal and geographical distribution of fossil scorpion bearing deposits in the British Midlands. Abbreviations: 1: Kilburn; 2: Sparth Bottoms; 3: Bickershaw; 4: Westhaughton; 5: Coseley.


FIGURE 3. Digital visualisations of Compsoscorpius buthiformis. NMH I 7883: (1) detailed view of carapace and chelicerae, (2) entire specimen in dorsal view, and (3) lateral view of left pedipalp. NHM I 5862: (4) detail of pedipalp chela, (5) detailed view of a walking leg, (6) detailed view of the metasoma, (7) lateral view of prosoma, (8) ventral view of prosoma, (9) in dorsal view, (10) in right lateral view, (11) in ventral view, and (12) in left lateral view. Scale bars equal: (1,6,7) 2 mm, (2) 5 mm, (3) 3 mm, (4,5,8) 1 mm, and (9-12) 8 mm. Abbreviations: Bt: basitarsus; CH: chelicerae; CP: coxapophysis; CS: carinal spine; CX: coxa; DC: dorsal carinae; Fm: femur; FR: free finger; FX: fixed finger; LE: lateral eye; ME: medial eye node; MS: mesosoma; MT: metasoma; PF: pedipalp femur; PM: pedipalp manus; PP: pedipalp patella; PR: pedipalp rami; Pt: patella; Ti: tibia; Tr: trochanter; TV: telson vesicle; WL: walking leg; and 1-12, segment number. See supplementary information for animations of these models.


FIGURE 4. The taxonomic history of Compsoscorpius buthiformis comb. nov. Each line represents a specimen referred to C. buthiformis.


FIGURE 5. Detailed anatomy of Compsoscorpius buthiformis. 1 Photograph and 2 camera lucida drawing of the carapace of NHM I 5862; 3 photograph and 4 camera lucida drawing of the femur of NHM I 7883; 5 photograph and 6 camera lucida drawing of the coxasternal region of NHM I 1555; and 7 photograph and 8 camera lucida drawing of posterior mesosomal somites of NHM In 18596.


VIDEO 1. Digital visualisation of NHM 5862 (Compsoscorpius buthiformis). NEED A STILL for each of these for the print version and will use it to make thumbnails. It should represent whatever you are trying to portray in the animation and be high-resolution.



VIDEO 2. Digital visualisation of NHM 7883 (Compsoscorpius buthiformis).