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FIGURE 1. Overview of the Western Mediterranean Sea, showing the sampling areas Alboran Platform, Oran Bight and southwest shelf off Mallorca (see also Table 1). For detailed maps with sample and sediment core locations see Figures 2-4.


FIGURE 2. Map of the Alboran Platform region, showing the locations of the surface samples (blue diamonds) and sediment core 342-1 (blue square). Surface samples were taken from 38 to 161 m water depth, and the core was drilled at 64 m water depth.


FIGURE 3. Map of the Oran Bight region, showing the locations of the surface samples (red diamonds) and sediment core 367-1 (red square). Surface samples were taken from 20 to 130 m water depth, and the core was drilled at 63 m water depth.


FIGURE 4. Map of the southwest Mallorca Shelf, showing the locations of the surface samples (green diamonds) and sediment core 401-1 (green square). Surface samples were taken from 40 to 235 m water depth, and the core was drilled at 74 m water depth.


FIGURE 5. Standing stocks per 10 cm3 in the first centimetre of the sediment, number of individual taxa and Shannon diversity (H) for the Rose Bengal-stained foraminiferal assemblages (top) and benthic foraminiferal number (BFN) per 10 cm3, number of taxa and Shannon diversity for the dead foraminiferal assemblages (bottom) in the studied areas versus water depth.


FIGURE 6. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) in Q-Mode for the Alboran Platform (top), Oran Bight (middle) and Mallorca Shelf (bottom) dead assemblages in the surface samples. PC loadings higher than 0.5 are defined as significant as suggested by Malmgren and Haq (1982) and are filled. See also Table 3.


FIGURE 7. Redundancy Analysis (RDA) for the dead assemblages in the surface samples (excluding sample 362-1) (blue triangles: Alboran Platform samples, red diamonds: Oran Bight samples and green up triangles: Mallorca Shelf samples) (see also Table 4). "Location parameters" were included as binary "dummy variables" into analysis and used as covariables to avoid local effects and to extract environmental parameters exerting a similar influence on the benthic foraminiferal variability in all areas (see also Milker et al., 2009). Names from species with very short gradients were removed from the plot for better illustration.


FIGURE 8. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) in Q-Mode for the Alboran Platform (top), Oran Bight (middle) and Mallorca Shelf (bottom) fossil assemblages in the sediment cores. PC loadings higher than 0.5 are defined as significant as suggested by Malmgren and Haq (1982) and are filled. See also Table 5.


FIGURE 9. 1 Rhabdamminella cylindrica (Brady), 149x, lateral view, 2 Psammosphaera fusca Schulze, 367x, lateral view; 3 P. fusca Schulze, 295x, lateral view; 4 Lagenammina difflugiformis (Brady), 476x, lateral view; 5 Ammolagena clavata (Parker and Jones), 226x, lateral view; 6 Repmanina charoides (Jones and Parker), 510x, apertural edge view; 7 R. charoides (Jones and Parker), 552x, side view; 8 Reophax scorpiurus de Montfort, 119x, lateral view; 9 Cribrostomoides jeffreysii (Williamson), 635x, side view; 10 C. jeffreysii (Williamson), 538x, peripheral view; 11 Labrospira subglobosa (Sars), 355x, side view; 12 L. subglobosa (Sars), 288x, peripheral view; 13 Glaphyrammina americana (Cushman), 269x, side view, 14 G. americana (Cushman), 245x, apertual edge view; 15 Ammosphaeroidina sphaeroidiniformis (Brady), 242x, two chamber side; 16 A. sphaeroidiniformis (Brady), 137x, three chamber side; 17 Alveolophragmium scitulum (Brady), 320x, side view; 18 A. scitulum (Brady), 425x, peripheral view; 19 Spiroplectinella sagittula s.l. (Defrance), 331x, lateral view; 20 S. sagittula s.l. (Defrance), 339x, lateral view; 21 S. sagittula s.l. (Defrance), 587x, lateral view; 22 Spiroplectinella sp. 1, 884x, lateral view; 23 Spiroplectinella sp. 2, 344x, lateral view; 24 Spiroplectinella sp. 2, 374x, lateral view; 25 Ammoglobigerina globigeriniformis (Parker and Jones), 707x, spiral side; 26 A. globigeriniformis (Parker and Jones), 578x, umbilical side;


FIGURE 10. 1 Deuterammina dublinensis Broennimann and Whittaker, 890x, spiral side; 2 D. dublinensis Broennimann and Whittaker, 858x, umbilical side; 3 Polystomammina nitida (Brady), 939x, spiral side; 4 P. nitida (Brady), 539x, peripheral view; 5 P. nitida (Brady), 580x, umbilical side; 6 Gaudryina rudis Wright, 275x, lateral view; 7 Gaudryina siciliana Cushman, 1020x, oblique edge view; 8 G. siciliana Cushman, 405x, basal view; 9 Eggerelloides scabrus (Williamson), 626x, lateral view; 10 Bigenerina nodosaria d'Orbigny, 315x, lateral view, juvenile specimen; 11 B. nodosaria d'Orbigny, 207x, lateral view; 12 B. nodosaria d'Orbigny, 242x, lateral view; 13 Sahulia cf. kerimbaensis (Said), 317x, lateral view; 14 S. cf. kerimbaensis (Said), 356x, edge view; 15 Textularia agglutinans d'Orbigny, 157x, lateral view; 16 T. agglutinans d'Orbigny, 256x, lateral view; 17 Textularia calva Lalicker, 246x, lateral view; 18 Textularia conica d'Orbigny, 477x, lateral view; 19 Textularia gramen d'Orbigny, 389x, lateral view; 20 Textularia gramen d'Orbigny, 246x, oblique lateral view; 21 Textularia pala Czjzek, 503x, lateral view; 22 T. pala Czjzek, 366x, lateral view; 23 Textularia pseudorugosa Lacroix, 149x, lateral view, atypical specimen; 24 T. pseudorugosa Lacroix, 278x, lateral view; 25 Siphotextularia concava (Karrer), 360x, lateral view; 26 S. concava (Karrer), 1120x, apertural face.


FIGURE 11. 1 Siphotextularia flintii (Cushman), 368x, oblique lateral view; 2 S. flintii (Cushman), 590x, lateral view; 3 S. flintii Cushman, 252x, peripheral view; 4 Pseudoclavulina crustata Cushman, 254x, lateral view, juvenile specimen; 5 Pseudoclavulina crustata Cushman, 291x, lateral view, juvenile specimen; 6 P. crustata Cushman, 399x, lateral view; 7 Clavulina cylindrica (Cushman), 165x, lateral view; 8 Trocholinopsis ornata Sidebottom, 607x, spiral side; 9 T. ornata Sidebottom, 771x, umbilical side; 10 Spirillinid sp. 1, 480x, convex side; 11 Sejunctella cf. lateseptata (Terquem), 683x, spiral side; 12 S. cf. lateseptata (Terquem), 925x, umbilical side; 13 Spirillina limbata Brady, 383x, side view; 14 S. limbata Brady, 415x, side view; 15 Spirillina vivipara Ehrenberg, 684x, side view; 16 S. vivipara Ehrenberg, 655x, side view; 17 Spirillina wrightii Heron-Allen and Earland, 361x, side view; 18 S. wrightii Heron-Allen and Earland, 396x, side view; 19 Spirillina sp. 1, 807x, side view; 20 Spirillina sp. 1, 801x, side view; 21 Patellina corrugata Williamson, 783x, spiral side; 22 P. corrugata Williamson, 685x, spiral side; 23 P. corrugata Williamson, 655x, umbilical side; 24 Cornuspira foliacea (Philippi), 318x, peripheral view; 25 C. foliacea (Philippi), 192x, side view.


FIGURE 12. 1 Cornuspira involvens (Reuss), 954x, side view; 2 Trisegmentina compressa Wiesner, 729x, side view; 3 Vertebralina striata d'Orbigny, 543x, side view; 4 Wiesnerella auriculata (Egger), 1130x, side view; 5 Nubecularia lucifuga Defrance, 541x, dorsal side; 6 N. lucifuga Defrance, 631x, dorsal side; 7 Nubeculina divaricata (Brady), 685x, lateral view; 8 N. divaricata (Brady), 383x, lateral view; 9 Spirophthalmidium acutimargo (Brady) var. concava (Wiesner), 635x, lateral view; 10 S. acutimargo (Brady) var. concava (Wiesner), 396x, peripheral view; 11 Spirophthalmidium acutimargo (Brady) var. concava (Wiesner), 470x, lateral view; 12 Spirophthalmidium sp. 1, 757x, lateral view; 13 Spirophthalmidium sp. 2, 970x, lateral view; 14 Adelosina dubia (d'Orbigny), 638x, lateral view; 15 Adelosina colomi (Le Calvez and Le Calvez), 103x, four chamber side; 16 A. colomi (Le Calvez and Le Calvez), 137x, apertural view; 17 A. colomi (Le Calvez and Le Calvez), 96x, three chamber side; 18 Adelosina laevigata d'Orbigny, 867x, side view; 19 A. laevigata d'Orbigny, 394x, side view; 20 Adelosina longirostra (d'Orbigny), 233x, four chamber side; 21 A. longirostra (d'Orbigny), 426x, peripheral view; 22 Adelosina mediterranensis (Le Calvez and Le Calvez), 169x, four chamber side; 23 A. mediterranensis (Le Calvez and Le Calvez), 284x, apertural view; 24 A. mediterranensis (Le Calvez and Le Calvez), 408x, side view; 25 A. mediterranensis (Le Calvez and Le Calvez), 268x, side view; 26 A. mediterranensis (Le Calvez and Le Calvez), 422x, side view; 27 A. mediterranensis (Le Calvez and Le Calvez), 153x, three chamber side; 28 A. mediterranensis (Le Calvez and Le Calvez), 163x, peripheral view; 29 Adelosina sp. 1, 293x, side view.


FIGURE 13. 1 Spiroloculina dilatata d'Orbigny, 153x, lateral view; 2 S. dilatata d'Orbigny, 250x, apertural edge view; 3 Spiroloculina excavata d'Orbigny, 196x, lateral view; 4 S. excavata d'Orbigny, 473x, apertural edge view; 5 Spiroloculina cf. rostrata Reuss, 234x, lateral view; 6 S. cf. rostrata Reuss, 261x, apertural edge view; 7 Spiroloculina tenuiseptata Brady, 355x, lateral view; 8 S. tenuiseptata Brady, 209x, apertural edge view; 9 Spiroloculina sp. 1, 1080x, lateral view; 10 Spiroloculina sp. 2, 204x, lateral view; 11 Spiroloculina sp. 2, 270x, apertural edge view; 12 Spiroloculina sp. 3, 322x, lateral view; 13 Spiroloculina sp. 3, 627x, apertural edge view; 14 Miliolid sp. 1, 1000x, side view; 15 Miliolid sp. 1, 952x, side view; 16 Miliolid sp. 2, 832x, side view; 17 Miliolid sp. 2, 1190x, apertural edge view; 18 Siphonaperta agglutinans (d'Orbigny), 341x, side view; 19 S. agglutinans (d'Orbigny), 242x, apertural view; 20 Siphonaperta aspera (d'Orbigny), 599x, side view; 21 S. aspera (d'Orbigny), 449x, apertural view; 22 Siphonaperta dilatata (Le Calvez and Le Calvez), 436x, side view; 23 S. dilatata (Le Calvez and Le Calvez), 365x, apertural view; 24 Siphonaperta horrida (Cushman), 479x, side view; 25 Siphonaperta irregularis (d'Orbigny), 339x, side view; 26 S. irregularis (d'Orbigny), 556x, apertural edge view; 27 Siphonaperta sp. 1, 455x, side view; 28 Siphonaperta sp. 1, 582x, side view; 29 Siphonaperta sp. 1, 456x, apertural edge view.


FIGURE 14. 1 Siphonaperta sp. 2, 1050x, side view; 2 Siphonaperta sp. 2, 982x, side view; 3 Siphonaperta sp. 2, 818x, side view; 4 Siphonaperta sp. 2, 3040x, enlargement of aperture; 5 Cycloforina contorta (d'Orbigny), 1680x, enlargement of aperture; 6 C. contorta (d'Orbigny), 454x, four chamber side; 7 C. contorta (d'Orbigny), 969x, three chamber side; 8 Cycloforina? tenuicollis (Wiesner), 592x, four chamber side; 9 Cycloforina villafranca (Le Calvez and Le Calvez), 281x, four chamber side; 10 C. villafranca (Le Calvez and Le Calvez), 281x, apertural face; 11 Cycloforina sp. 1, 566x, four chamber side; 12 Cycloforina sp. 1, 603x, three chamber side; 13 Cycloforina sp. 1, 451x, four chamber side; 14 Cycloforina sp. 1, 451x, peripheral view; 15 Cycloforina sp. 1, 644x, three chamber side; 16 Cycloforina? sp. 2, 835x, four chamber side; 17 Cycloforina? sp. 2, 570x, peripheral view; 18 Lachlanella bicornis ((Walker and Jacob) emend. Haynes), 297x, four chamber side; 19 Lachlanella bradyana (Cushman), 360x, side view; 20 L. bradyana (Cushman), 525x, side view; 21 L. bradyana (Cushman), 283x, peripheral view; 22 Lachlanella carinata (d'Orbigny), 463x, side view; 23 L. carinata (d'Orbigny), 430x, side view; 24 Lachlanella undulata (d'Orbigny), 207x, side view; 25 L. undulata (d'Orbigny), 150x, apertural edge view; 26 L. undulata (d'Orbigny), 376x, side view; 27 Lachlanella sp. 1, 185x, side view; 28 Lachlanella sp. 1, 190x, apertural edge view; 29 Quinqueloculina agglutinata Cushman, 254x, four chamber side; 30 Q. agglutinata Cushman, 258x, apertural view.


FIGURE 15. 1 Quinqueloculina auberiana d'Orbigny, 260x, side view; 2 Q. auberiana d'Orbigny, 217x, apertural edge view; 3 Quinqueloculina berthelotiana d'Orbigny, 489x, four chamber side; 4 Q. berthelotiana d'Orbigny, 276x, peripheral view; 5 Q. berthelotiana d'Orbigny, 271x, four chamber side; 6 Q. berthelotiana d'Orbigny, 309x, apertural edge view; 7 Quinqueloculina bosciana d'Orbigny, 267x, four chamber side; 8 Q. bosciana d'Orbigny, 529x, three chamber side; 9 Q. bosciana d'Orbigny, 637x, apertural view; 10 Quinqueloculina disparilis d'Orbigny, 259x, four chamber side; 11 Q. disparilis d'Orbigny, 163x, apertural view; 12 Q. disparilis d'Orbigny, 313x, three chamber side; 13 Quinqueloculina laevigata d'Orbigny, 361x, four chamber side; 14 Q. laevigata d'Orbigny, 390x, three chamber side; 15 Q. laevigata d'Orbigny, 156x, peripheral view; 16 Quinqueloculina lata Terquem, 911x, side view; 17 Quinqueloculina limbata d'Orbigny, 162x, four chamber side; 18 Q. limbata d'Orbigny, 228x, three chamber side; 19 Q. limbata d'Orbigny, 129x, peripheral view; 20 Quinqueloculina neapolitana Sgarrella and Moncharmont Zei, 322x, four chamber side; 21 Q. neapolitana Sgarrella and Moncharmont Zei, 323x, three chamber side; 22 Q. neapolitana Sgarrella and Moncharmont Zei, 370x, apertural edge view; 23 Quinqueloculina padana Perconig, 880x, four chamber side; 24 Q. padana Perconig, 628x, peripheral view; 25 Quinqueloculina parvula Schlumberger, 609x, four chamber side; 26 Q. parvula Schlumberger, 939x, four chamber side; 27 Q. parvula Schlumberger, 719x, apertural edge view; 28 Quinqueloculina pseudobuchiana Luczowksa, 763x, four chamber side; 29 Q. pseudobuchiana Luczowksa, 892x, four chamber side; 30 Quinqueloculina seminula (Linné), 257x, side view; 31 Q. seminula (Linné), 113x, peripheral view.


FIGURE 16. 1 Quinqueloculina stelligera Schlumberger, 779x, four chamber side; 2 Q. stelligera Schlumberger, 717x, four chamber side; 3 Q. stelligera Schlumberger, 777x, peripheral view; 4 Q. stelligera Schlumberger, 576x, enlargement of aperture; 5 Quinqueloculina viennensis Le Calvez and Le Calvez, 489x, four chamber side; 6 Q. viennensis Le Calvez and Le Calvez, 535x, four chamber side; 7 Q. viennensis Le Calvez and Le Calvez, 246x, four chamber side; 8 Quinqueloculina sp. 1, 938x, four chamber side; 9 Affinetrina gualtieriana (d'Orbigny), 560x, three chamber side; 10 A. gualtieriana (d'Orbigny), 789x, apertural edge view; 11 Affinetrina ucrainica (Serova), 1070x, three chamber side; 12 A. ucrainica (Serova), 1100x, two chamber side; 13 A. ucrainica (Serova), 920x, peripheral view; 14 Affinetrina sp. 1, 398x, three chamber side; 15 Affinetrina sp. 1, 291x, peripheral view; 16 Affinetrina sp. 2, 386x, three chamber side; 17 Affinetrina sp. 2, 370x, two chamber side; 18 Affinetrina sp. 2, 272x, peripheral view; 19 Biloculinella globula (Bornemann), 497x, lateral view; 20 Biloculinella inflata (Wright), 1100x, lateral view; 21 Biloculinella labiata (Schlumberger), 331x, lateral view; 22 B. labiata (Schlumberger), 347x, peripheral view; 23 Miliolinella elongata Kruit, 1640x, oblique side view; 24 M. elongata Kruit, 552x, side view; 25 Miliolinella cf. hybrida (Terquem), 555x, side view; 26 M. cf. hybrida (Terquem), 452x, apertural edge view; 27 Miliolinella irregularis (d'Orbigny), 770x, oblique side view; 28 Miliolinella labiosa (d'Orbigny), 534x, side view; 29 M. labiosa (d'Orbigny), 365x, side view; 30 Miliolinella semicostata (Wiesner), 576x, side view; 31 Miliolinella subrotunda (Montagu), 809x, side view; 32 M. subrotunda (Montagu), 996x, side view.


FIGURE 17. 1 Miliolinella webbiana (d'Orbigny), 263x, side view; 2 M. webbiana (d'Orbigny), 241x, side view; 3 Pseudotriloculina sp. 1, 901x, three chamber side; 4 Pseudotriloculina sp. 1, 930x, two chamber side; 5 Ptychomiliola separans? (Brady), 512x, lateral view; 6 P. separans? (Brady), 338x, lateral view; 7 Pyrgoella sphaera (d'Orbigny), 427x, lateral view; 8 Pyrgo anomala (Schlumberger), 310x, side view; 9 P. anomala (Schlumberger), 305x, apertural edge view; 10 Pyrgo depressa (d'Orbigny), 314x, side view; 11 P. depressa (d'Orbigny), 229x, peripheral view; 12 Pyrgo elongata (d'Orbigny), 360x, side view; 13 Pyrgo oblonga (d'Orbigny), 420x, side view; 14 Pyrgo sp. 1, 307x, lateral view; 15 Pyrgo sp. 2, 753x, lateral view; 16 Pyrgo sp. 2, 853x, lateral view; 17 Triloculina marioni Schlumberger, 602x, profile view; 18 T. marioni Schlumberger, 574x, apertural edge view; 19 Triloculina oblonga (Montagu), 177x, three chamber side; 20 T. oblonga (Montagu), 317x, apertural edge view; 21 Triloculina plicata Terquem, 754x, profile view; 22 T. plicata Terquem, 424x, apertural edge view; 23 Triloculina tricarinata d'Orbigny, 778x, profile view; 24 T. tricarinata d'Orbigny, 701x, apertural edge view; 25 Triloculina sp. 1, 348x, profil view; 26 Triloculina sp. 1, 870x, apertural egde view; 27 Nummoloculina sp. 1, 437x, side view; 28 Nummoloculina sp. 1, 397x, peripheral view; 29 Pseudoschlumbergerina ovata (Sidebottom), 686x, side view; 30 P. ovata (Sidebottom), 725x, apertural edge view.


FIGURE 18. 1 Sigmoilinita costata (Schlumberger), 460x, side view; 2 S. costata (Schlumberger), 315x, peripheral view; 3 Sigmoilinita distorta (Phleger and Parker), 722x, side view; 4 S. distorta (Phleger and Parker), 396x, peripheral view; 5 Sigmoilinita sp. 1, 413x, side view; 6 Sigmoilinita sp. 1, 434x, peripheral view; 7 Sigmoilopsis schlumbergeri (Silvestri), 274x, side view; 8 S. schlumbergeri (Silvestri), 278x, apertural edge view; 9 Sigmoilopsis sp. 1, 172x, side view; 10 Articulina mucronata (d'Orbigny), 592x, side view; 11 Peneroplis pertusus (Forskal), 388x, side view; 12 P. pertusus (Forskal), 370x, peripheral view; 13 Dentalina guttifera d'Orbigny, 259x, lateral view; 14 Laevidentalina sp. 1, 1100x, lateral view; 15 Pyramidulina catesbyi (d'Orbigny), 586x, lateral view; 16 P. catesbyi (d'Orbigny), 516x, lateral view; 17 Lenticulina calcar (Linné), 438x, side view; 18 L. calcar (Linné), 201x, peripheral view; 19 Lenticulina orbicularis (d'Orbigny), 293x, side view; 20 L. orbicularis (d'Orbigny), 206x, peripheral view; 21 Neolenticulina peregrina (Schwager), 261x, side view; 22 Amphicoryna scalaris (Batsch), 242x, lateral view (macrospheric specimen); 23 A. scalaris (Batsch), 322x, lateral view (microspheric specimen); 24 A. scalaris (Batsch), 293x, lateral view (microspheric specimen); 25 A. scalaris (Batsch), 397x, lateral view (microspheric specimen); 26 Marginulina costata (Batsch), 304x, side view; 27 Hemirobulina sp.1, 137x, lateral view; 28 Hemirobulina sp.1, 229x, lateral view; 29 Vaginulina cf. americana Cushman, 97x, lateral view; 30 Hyalinonetrion gracillimum (Costa), 419x, lateral view; 31 Lagena doveyensis Haynes, 720x, lateral view; 32 Lagena hispida Reuss var. crispata Matthes, 560x, lateral view; 33 Lagena striata (d'Orbigny), 376x, lateral view; 34 Lagena strumosa Reuss, 356x, lateral view; 35 Globulina gibba var. punctata D'Orbigny, 193x, side view; 36 G. gibba var. punctata D'Orbigny, 162x, side view, specimen with fistulose overgrowth.


FIGURE 19. 1 Globulina myristiformis (Williamson), 374x, lateral view; 2 Favulina foveolata (Seguenza), 446x, lateral view; 3 F. foveolata (Seguenza), 510x, apertural view; 4 Favulina hexagona (Williamson), 592x, lateral view; 5 Lagnea sp. 1, 588x, lateral view; 6 Oolina acuticosta (Reuss), 634x, lateral view; 7 Fissurina crebra (Matthes), 1040x, lateral view; 8 Fissurina fasciata (Egger), 1020x, lateral view; 9 F. fasciata (Egger), 749x, oblique lateral view; 10 Fissurina lacunata (Burrows and Holland), 506x, lateral view; 11 F. lacunata (Burrows and Holland), 826x, oblique lateral view; 12 Fissurina marginata (Montagu), 505x, lateral view; 13 Fissurina orbignyana Seguenza, 882x, lateral view; 14 Parafissurina lateralis (Cushman) var. carinata (Buchner), 892x, oblique lateral view; 15 Hoeglundina elegans (d'Orbigny), 295x, umbilical side; 16 H. elegans (d'Orbigny), 242x, peripheral view; 17 Robertina translucens Cushman and Parker, 828x, lateral view; 18 R. translucens Cushman and Parker, 433x, lateral view; 19 Bolivina cistina Cushman, 1020x, lateral view; 20 B. cistina Cushman, 1390x, apertural face; 21 Bolivina plicatella Cushman, 910x, lateral view; 22 Bolivina pseudoplicata Heron-Allen and Earland, 1070x, lateral view; 23 B. pseudoplicata Heron-Allen and Earland, 946x, lateral view; 24 Bolivina subspinescens Cushman, 1110x, lateral view; 25 Bolivina variabilis (Williamson), 549x, lateral view; 26 B. variabilis (Williamson), 732x, lateral view; 27 Bolivina sp. 1, 735x, lateral view; 28 Brizalina difformis (Williamson), 904x, lateral view; 29 B. difformis (Williamson), 722x, lateral view; 30 Brizalina dilatata (Reuss), 824x, lateral view.


FIGURE 20. 1 Brizalina spathulata (Williamson), 599x, lateral view; 2 B. spathulata (Williamson), 572x, lateral view; 3 Brizalina striatula (Cushman), 429x, lateral view; 4 Brizalina sp. 1, 695x, lateral view; 5 Cassidulina carinata Silvestri, 655x, apertural side; 6 C. laevigata s.s. d'Orbigny, 1050x, apertural side; 7 Cassidulina obtusa Williamson, 829x, apertural side; 8 C. obtusa Williamson, 930x, apertural side; 9 Cassidulinoides bradyi (Norman), 864x, lateral view; 10 Globocassidulina oblonga (Reuss), 1220x, apertural side; 11 G. oblonga (Reuss), 650x, apertural side; 12 G. oblonga (Reuss), 771x, apertural side; 13 Globocassidulina subglobosa (Brady), 1010x, apertural side; 14 G. subglobosa (Brady), 1150x, apertural side; 15 Floresina sp. 1, 770x, apertural side; 16 Stainforthia complanata (Egger), 735x, lateral view; 17 Rectuvigerina bononiensis (Fornasini), 854x, lateral view; 18 Rectuvigerina phlegeri Le Calvez, 686x, lateral view; 19 Bulimina aculeata d'Orbigny, 427x, lateral view; 20 Bulimina costata d'Orbigny, 771x, lateral view; 21 Bulimina elongata d'Orbigny, 407x, lateral view; 22 Bulimina gibba Fornasini, 509x, lateral view; 23 Bulimina marginata d'Orbigny, 766x, lateral view; 24 Globobulimina affinis (d'Orbigny), 355x, lateral view; 25 Neouvigerina ampullacea (Brady), 644x, lateral view; 26 N. ampullacea (Brady), 642x, apertural view; 27 Siphouvigerina? sp. 1, 576x, lateral view; 28 Uvigerina mediterranea Hofker, 321x, lateral view; 29 Uvigerina peregrina Cushman, 385x, lateral view.


FIGURE 21. 1 Uvigerina sp. 1, 1280x, lateral view; 2 Angulogerina angulosa (Williamson), 902x, lateral view; 3 A. angulosa (Williamson), 877x, lateral view; 4 A. angulosa (Williamson), 993x, lateral view; 5 Trifarina fornasinii (Selli), 411x, lateral view; 6 Reussella spinulosa (Reuss), 804x, lateral view; 7 R. spinulosa (Reuss), 770x, lateral view; 8 Trimosina sp. 1, 1010x, lateral view; 9 Trimosina sp. 1, 690x, lateral view; 10 Fursenkoina acuta (d'Orbigny), 593x, lateral view; 11 F. acuta (d'Orbigny), 816x, lateral view; 12 Sigmavirgulina tortuosa (Brady), 657x, lateral view; 13 Sigmavirgulina sp. 1, 923x, lateral view; 14 Cancris auriculus (Fichtel and Moll), 371x, spiral side; 15 C. auriculus (Fichtel and Moll), 653x, umbilical side; 16 Valvulineria complanata (d'Orbigny), 388x, spiral side; 17 V. complanata (d'Orbigny), 370x, umbilical side; 18 Valvulineria minuta Parker, 1220x, spiral side; 19 V. minuta Parker, 1190x, umbilical side; 20 Eponides concameratus (Williamson), 188x, spiral side; 21 E. concameratus (Williamson), 262x, umbilical side; 22 Eponides sp. 1, 200x, spiral side; 23 Eponides sp. 1, 145x, umbilical side; 24 Stomatorbina concentrica (Parker and Jones), 339x, spiral side; 25 S. concentrica (Parker and Jones), 295x, umbilical side; 26 Mississipina sp. 1, 702x, spiral side; 27 Mississipina sp. 1, 774x, umbilical side


FIGURE 22. 1 Discorbis williamsoni Chapman and Parr, 635x, spiral side; 2 D. williamsoni Chapman and Parr, 1060x, umbilical side; 3 Gavelinopsis praegeri (Heron Allen and Earland), 758x, spiral side; 4 G. praegeri (Heron Allen and Earland), 987x, umbilical side; 5 Neoconorbina terquemi (Rzehak), 545x, spiral side; 6 N. terquemi (Rzehak), 732x, umbilical side; 7 Planodiscorbis rarescens (Brady), 341x, spiral side; 8 P. rarescens (Brady), 281x, umbilical side; 9 Rosalina anomala Terquem, 376x, spiral side; 10 R. anomala Terquem, 432x, umbilical side; 11 Rosalina bradyi Cushman, 782x, spiral side; 12 R. bradyi Cushman, 768x, umbilical side; 13 R. bradyi Cushman, 370x, spiral side; 14 R. bradyi Cushman, 324x, umbilical side; 15 Rosalina globularis d'Orbigny, 829x, spiral side; 16 R. globularis d'Orbigny, 824x, umbilical side; 17 Rosalina macropora (Hofker), 766x, spiral side; 18 R. macropora (Hofker), 407x, umbilical side; 19 Rosalina sp. 1, 243x, spiral side; 20 Rosalina sp. 1, 345x, umbilical side; 21 Rosalina sp. 1, 348x, umbilical side; 22 Spirorbina? sp. 1, 707x, spiral side; 23 Spirorbina? sp. 1, 886x, umbilical side; 24 Tretomphalus concinnus (Brady), 671x, spiral side; 25 T. concinnus (Brady), 573x, umbilical side.


FIGURE 23. 1 Tretomphalus sp. 1, 990x, spiral side; 2 Tretomphalus sp. 1, 1060x, umbilical side; 3 Sphaeroidina bulloides d'Orbigny, 345x, side view; 4 S. bulloides d'Orbigny, 589x, side view; 5 Conorbella pulvinata (Brady), 936x, spiral side; 6 C. pulvinata (Brady), 931x, umbilical side; 7 Discorbinoides sp. 1, 657x, spiral side; 8 Discorbinoides sp. 1, 556x, umbilical side; 9 Discorbinoides sp. 1, 493x, peripheral side; 10 Discorbinoides? sp. 2, 466x, spiral side; 11 Discorbinoides? sp. 2, 481x, umbilical side; 12 Glabratella erecta (Sidebottom), 699x, oblique lateral view; 13 G. erecta (Sidebottom), 760x, top view; 14 Glabratella hexacamerata Seiglie and Bermudez, 907x, spiral side; 15 G. hexacamerata Seiglie and Bermudez, 727x, umbilical side; 16 Glabratella patelliformis (Brady), 1230x, spiral side; 17 G. patelliformis (Brady), 1020x, umbilical side; 18 Planoglabratella opercularis (d'Orbigny), 386x, spiral side; 19 P. opercularis (d'Orbigny), 555x, umbilical side; 20 Schackoinella imperiatoria (d'Orbigny), 1090x, spiral side; 21 S. imperiatoria (d'Orbigny), 755x, umbilical side; 22 Heronallenia lingulata (Burrows and Holland), 543x, spiral side; 23 H. lingulata (Burrows and Holland), 570x, umbilical side; 24 Siphonina reticulata (Czjzek), 633x, side view; 25 S. reticulata (Czjzek), 474x, peripheral view; 26 S. reticulata (Czjzek), 586x, side view; 27 Siphoninella soluta (Brady), 1020x, side view; 28 S. soluta (Brady), 925x, side view; 29 Discorbinella bertheloti (d'Orbigny), 603x, spiral side; 30 D. bertheloti (d'Orbigny), 500x, umbilical side.


FIGURE 24. 1 Hyalinea balthica (Schroeter), 493x, spiral side; 2 H. balthica (Schroeter), 468x, umbilical side; 3 Planulina ariminensis d'Orbigny, 263x, spiral side; 4 P. ariminensis d'Orbigny, 257x, umbilical side; 5 Cibicidoides pseudoungerianus (Cushman), 531x, umbilical side; 6 C. pseudoungerianus (Cushman), 394x, umbilical side; 7 C. pseudoungerianus (Cushman), 409x, spiral side; 8 C. pseudoungerianus (Cushman), 373x, peripheral view; 9 C. pseudoungerianus (Cushman), 306x, peripheral view; 10 Cibicides cf. mayori (Cushman), 589x, umbilical side; 11 C. cf. mayori (Cushman), 674x, peripheral view; 12 Cibicides pseudolobatulus Perelis and Reiss, 528x, umbilical side; 13 C. pseudolobatulus Perelis and Reiss, 1060x, peripheral view; 14 Cibicides refulgens de Montfort, 246x, umbilical side; 15 C. refulgens de Montfort, 284x, spiral side; 16 C. refulgens de Montfort, 283x, peripheral view; 17 Lobatula lobatula (Walker and Jacob), 244x, umbilical side; 18 L. lobatula (Walker and Jacob), 184x, peripheral view; 19 L. lobatula (Walker and Jacob), 500x, umbilical side; 20 L. lobatula (Walker and Jacob), 455x, oblique peripheral view; 21 Planorbulina mediterranensis d'Orbigny, 580x, unattached side; 22 P. mediterranensis d'Orbigny, 767x, unattached side; 23 P. mediterranensis d'Orbigny, 790x, unattached side, juvenile specimen; 24 P. mediterranensis d'Orbigny, 909x, unattached side, juvenile specimen; 25 Cibicidella variablis (d'Orbigny), 193x, spiral view; 26 C. variablis (d'Orbigny), 314x, umbilical side


FIGURE 25. 1 Cymbaloporetta bulloides (d'Orbigny), 796x, spiral side; 2 C. bulloides (d'Orbigny), 926x, umbilical side; 3 Acervulina inhaerens Schultze, 386x, unattached side; 4 Sphaerogypsina globula (Reuss), 181x, top view; 5 Miniacina miniacea (Pallas), 56x, side view; 6 M. miniacea (Pallas), 97x, side view; 7 Asterigerinata adriatica Haake, 970x, spiral side; 8 A. adriatica Haake, 1010x, umbilical side; 9 A. adriatica Haake, 1040x, peripheral view; 10 Asterigerinata mamilla (Williamson), 561x, spiral side; 11 A. mamilla (Williamson), 1070x, oblique peripheral view; 12 A. mamilla (Williamson), 427x, umbilical side; 13 A. mamilla (Williamson), 673x, peripheral view; 14 Asterigerinata mariae Sgarrella, 1260x, spiral side; 15 A. mariae Sgarrella, 1440x, peripheral view; 16 A. mariae Sgarrella, 1650x, umbilical side; 17 Haynesina depressula (Walker and Jacob), 683x, side view; 18 H. depressula (Walker and Jacob), 680x, side view; 19 Haynesina simplex (Cushman), 500x, oblique peripheral view; 20 H. simplex (Cushman), 756x, side view; 21 Haynesina sp. 1, 1170x, side view; 22 Nonion fabum (Fichtel and Moll), 548x, side view; 23 N. fabum (Fichtel and Moll), 489x, side view; 24 N. fabum (Fichtel and Moll), 571x, peripheral view.


FIGURE 26. 1 Nonionella turgida (Williamson), 852x, side view; 2 N. turgida (Williamson), 493x, side view; 3 N. turgida (Williamson), 1020x, face view; 4 N. turgida (Williamson), 811x, side view; 5 N. turgida (Williamson), 739x, side view; 6 N. turgida (Williamson), 620x, face view; 7 Astrononion stelligerum (d'Orbigny), 350x, peripheral view; 8 A. stelligerum (d'Orbigny), 372x, side view; 9 Melonis affinis (Reuss), 454x, apertural view; 10 M. affinis (Reuss), 446x, side view; 11 Melonis barleeanum (Williamson), 597x, apertural view; 12 M. barleeanum (Williamson), 538x, side view; 13 Pullenia quadriloba Reuss, 598x, side view; 14 P. quadriloba (Reuss), 552x, peripheral view; 15 Svratkina sp. 1, 988x, spiral side; 16 Svratkina sp. 1, 981x, umbilical side; 17 Anomalinoides sp. 1, 298x, umbilical side; 18 Anomalinoides sp. 1, 314x, spiral side; 19 Anomalinoides sp. 1, 272x, peripheral view; 20 Gyroidinoides soldanii (d'Orbigny), 409x, spiral side; 21 G. soldanii (d'Orbigny), 624x, peripheral view; 22 Gyroidinoides umbonata (Silvestri), 549x, spiral side; 23 G. umbonata (Silvestri), 776x, peripheral view; 24 Discanomalina semipunctata (Bailey), 230x, umbilical side; 25 D. semipunctata (Bailey), 234x, peripheral view; 26 Buccella granulata (Di Napoli Alliata), 423x, spiral side; 27 B. granulata (Di Napoli Alliata), 377x, umbilical side.


FIGURE 27. 1 Ammonia beccarii (Linné), 496x, spiral side; 2 A. beccarii (Linné), 431x, umbilical side; 3 Ammonia parkinsoniana (d'Orbigny), 703x, spiral side; 4 A. parkinsoniana (d'Orbigny), 591x, umbilical side; 5 Elphidium aculeatum (d'Orbigny), 245x, oblique side view; 6 E. aculeatum (d'Orbigny), 425x, side view; 7 Elphidium advenum (Cushman), 301x, side view; 8 E. advenum (Cushman), 330x, peripheral view; 9 Elphidium complanatum (d'Orbigny), 295x, side view; 10 E. complanatum (d'Orbigny), 396x, peripheral view; 11 Elphidium complanatum (d'Orbigny) var. tyrrhenianum Accordi, 1070x, side view; 12 E. complanatum (d'Orbigny) var. tyrrhenianum Accordi, 548x, peripheral view; 13 Elphidium crispum (Linné), 194x, side view; 14 E. crispum (Linné), 234x, peripheral view; 15 Elphidium decipiens (Costa), 889x, side view; 16 E. decipiens (Costa), 469x, peripheral view; 17 Elphidium granosum (d'Orbigny), 635x, side view; 18 E. granosum (d'Orbigny), 648x, peripheral view; 19 Elphidium incertum (Williamson), 705x, side view; 20 Elphidium incertum (Williamson), 996x, peripheral view; 21 Elphidium macellum (Fichtel and Moll), 418x, side view; 22 E. macellum (Fichtel and Moll), 446x, peripheral view; 23 Elphidium margaritaceum (Cushman), 333x, side view; 24 E. margaritaceum (Cushman), 452x, peripheral view; 25 Elphidium sp. 1, 274x, side view; 26 Elphidium sp. 1, 266x, peripheral view; 27 Parrellina verriculata (Brady), 1020x, side view; 28 P. verriculata (Brady), 761x, peripheral view.