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FIGURE 1. Location map for J Reef locality in the Georgia Bight, Atlantic Ocean.

figure 1 

FIGURE 2. Generalized geologic section for coastal Georgia based on Weems and Edwards (2001). The inset corresponds to the upper portion of the general geologic section. The relative position for the mandible is marked.

 figure 2

FIGURE 3. Comparative views – dentary : 3.1. Two views, medially, of the mandibular neck; 3.2. Two views, proximally, of the condylar region, Mysticete (left); Megaptera novaeangliae (right).

 figure 3

FIGURE 4. 4.1. Dentary of Eschrichtius robustus, from Johnston et al., 2010, figure 2, p. 189 (above); 4.2. Mysticete dentary (proximal view) compared to that of Megaptera novaeangliae (distal view).

figure 4