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APPENDIX. International correlation of Terreneuvian and Cambrian Series 2 (data for Siberia from Rozanov, 1984, Kouchinsky et al., 2001, Rozanov et al., 2008, Kouchinsky et al., 2012; data for Mongolia from Voronin et al., 1982, Brasier et al., 1996; Esakova and Zhegallo, 1996; data for Kazakhstan from Missarzhevsky and Mambetov, 1981; Holmer et al., 2001; Kouchinsky et al., 2011; data for Iran from Hamdi et al., 1989; data for Australia from Gravestock et al., 2001; Jenkins et al., 2002; Jago et al., 2006; Paterson and Brock, 2007; data for China from Xing, 1984; Steiner et al., 2007).