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FIGURE 1. Map of provenance (black footprint) and present location of the track-bearing block (Lido di Porto Canale-Riomartino, grey spot).


FIGURE 2. Thin sections of the trampled block. 1, Nezzazata isabellae; 2, Cuneolina sliteri; 3, Aligned spathic calcite crystals suggesting emersive condition of the surface during trampling. Scale bar equals 0,5 mm (1 and 2) and 1,5 mm (3).


FIGURE 3. 1, The track-bearing block; 2, Close-up of the studied footprints; 3, Orthophoto of the trampled block; 4, Interpretative field drawing (scale bar equals 10 cm); F1, F2 and F3 indicate the three theropod tracks discussed in the text; A-D indicate poorly preserved traces, possibly produced by the trackmaker of F1, F2, and F3.


FIGURE 4. 1, Shaded grey 3D photogrammetric model of the track-bearing block; 2, Shaded coloured 3D photogrammetric model.


FIGURE 5. Shaded coloured 3D photogrammetric model of footprint F3 and relative sections (S1, S2, S3).


FIGURE 6. Shaded coloured 3D photogrammetric model of footprint F1 and F2 with relative section (S4) passing through the metatarsal impression and digit III.