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FIGURE 1. Map of Myanmar showing the SLG1 fossil locality (star) and geological map around the SLG locality (Geological map: after The Geological Map of Burma, 1: 1000,000 map; Earth Sciences Research Division, 1977).


FIGURE 2. Stereophotograph pairs of the night herson distal tarsometatarsus (NMMP-KU-IR 0343) from the SLG1 locality, Myanmar. 1, distal view; 2, medial view; 3, lateral view; 4, dorsal view; 5, plantar view. Abbreviations: df - distal foramen; r - ridge.


FIGURE 3. Stereophotograph pairs of the stork distal tibiotatarsus (NMMP-KU-IR 0355) from the SLG1 locality, Myanmar. 1, caudal view; 2, cranial view; 3, distal view; 4, medial view; 5, lateral view. Abbreviations: it - intercondylar tubercle; le - lateral epicondyle; n - notch; r - ridge; sb - supratendinal bridge.