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TABLE 1. Measurements in mm of NFL 2074, referred specimen of Numataphocoena yamashitai: skull. Dimensions follow Fordyce et al. (2002). Measurements are rounded to the nearest 0.5 mm. For skull and mandible, distances are either horizontal or vertical. * shows a measurement, which is only of the left side (the measurement points to the median line).

Skull NFL 2074 NFL 7
total length, from the most anterior point to posterior of occipital condyles 260.0+ 199.0+
length of rostrum 111.5+ -
width of rostrum at the base 43.5* -
cranial length 142.5+ 199.0+
width of premaxillae at a line across posterior limits of antorbital notches 44.0* -
maximum width of premaxillae about the level with mid-orbit 25.0* 56.0+
postorbital width, across apices of postorbital processes 85.5* -
maximum width across narial aperture 19.5* -