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FIGURE 1. Geographical and geological context of the Hydriot chondrichthyan fossils. 1, Map of Greece showing the location of Hydra Island; 2, Outcrop map of Hydra Island showing the location of the sampled section “EP” south of the village of Episkopi. Outcrop map after Grant et al. (1991); 3, Stratigraphic section of the Episkopi Formation showing the provenance (“EP-Z”) of the examined gnathostome fossils.


FIGURE 2. Chondrichthyan material from Hydra. 1-5, Hybodontiformes indet. tooth (AMPG 550) in occlusal (1), basal ( 2), presumed lingual (3), profile (4), and presumed labial (5) views. Scale bar equals 5 mm. 6, Euselachii indet. dermal denticle (AMPG 551) in anterolateral view. Scale bar equals 100 μm.