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TABLE 1. Correlation coefficients between series of proportional change (Δt/t-1) of subsampled diversity based on stratigraphic opinions with one-time bin versus two-time bin minimum resolution. Generalised differencing was used to reduce effects of autocorrelations (McKinney, 1990; Alroy, 2000; Novack-Gottshall and Miller, 2003). Abbreviations: StS: Stage Slices, Bergström et al. (2009); TS: Time Slices, Webby et al. (2004).

  Pearson Spearman
TS resolution one / TS resolution <two 0.940 0.918
StS resolution one /StS resolution <two 0.951 0.818
Stage resolution = one /Stage resolution <2 0.988 0.886