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sciuto 3Francesco Sciuto. Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Science, University of Catania, Corso Italia 55, 95129 Catania, Italy.

Researcher in Stratigraphic Geology at the University of Catania. Member of CONISMA (National Interuniversity Consortium for Marine Sciences) and COCARDE-ERN (Cold-Water Carbonate Mounds in Shallow and Deep Time – The European Research Network).

Experienced in the study of Plio-Pleistocene and Recent marine ostracod associations with special emphasys on taxonomy, stratigraphy, palaeoecological reconstructions and evaluation of climate change.


angelaAngela Baldanza. Department of Physics and Geology, University of Perugia, Via Pascoli, 06123 Perugia, Italy.

Research fields: Biostratigraphy (Calcareous Nannofossils and Foraminifera), Paleoecology and paleoenvironmental reconstruction of marine and continental successions (from Jurassic to Quaternary). Archeometry (characterization of raw and building materials from historical Greek, Roman, and Middle Age Italian sites). Conservation and enhancement of plant fossil record (Dunarobba Fossil Forest, Umbria, Italy). Member of SPI (Italian Society of Paleontology) and AIQUA (Italian Association for Quaternary researches). Scientific director of the Allerona Museum from 2015 onward.


temaniRim Temani. Office National des Mines, 24, rue de l'énergie, 2035 La Charguia, Tunis, Tunisia.

Main engineer (biostratigraph) at the Tunisian National Mines Office 24, rue de l'énergie, 2035 La Charguia, Tunis (Tunisie)


priviteraGiovanni Privitera. Technical Study of Energy and Environment, Via Municipio, Misterbianco, Catania.

Geologist freelance, Technical Study of Energy and Environment. Via Municipio, Misterbianco, Catania.