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List of osteological specimens of extant caimanine species used for anatomical comparison

Caiman crocodilus: AMNH-R-43291, AMNH-R-73048, AMNH-R-137179, MCT-148-RR, MCT-155-RR, MCT-300-RR, MN-67, MN-1030, MN-1031, MN-25188, MN-25461.

Caiman latirostris: AMNH-R-28367, AMNH-R-143183, MACN-30566, MACN-30567, MACN-30572, MACN-30610, MACN-30612, MCT-156-RR, MCT-157-RR, MN-1041, MN-1254, MN-1255, MN-1455, MN-2333, MN-9756, MN-11254, MN-24588.

Caiman yacare: AMNH-R-97305, MACN-30540, MACN-30542, MACN-30558, MACN-30593, MACN-30595, MACN-30601, MACN-30602, MACN-30637, MACN-I-8267, MN-68, MN-1259, MN-9755, MN-12127.

Melanosuchus niger: AMNH-R-58130, MCT-286-RR, MN-61, MN-63, MN-64, MN-66, MN-81, MN-3174.

Paleosuchus palpebrosus: AMNH-R-93812, AMNH-R-97326, MCT-269-RR, MCT-291-RR, MN-317, MN-2356.

Paleosuchus trigonatus: AMNH-R-58136, AMNH-R-66391, MN-65, MN-2491, MN-9757.